Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Wall Includes Khaled Said

Just from two days ago Roger Waters of Pink Floyd had a concert in Florida as part of his “The Wall 2010/2011”. The concert was a true successful one as according to press in Florida more than 14,000 attended the veteran British rock icon’s concert. The concert was amazing its audio and visual effects especially and the messages it sent considering the fact that the concert theme or the tour was based on historical “The Wall” album. According to what I knew there was that “Wall” screen that showed the photos from fallen soldiers and civilians around the globe. Among those fallen civilians was late Khaled Said , our Khaled Said of Egypt , of Alexandria , of Cleopatra Who was not brutality murdered but also is being defamed by a disrespectful regime.
Khaled Said 3rd from left "Khaled Said FB group"
And this is the Photo of the week.
We knew about Khaled’s photo in this concert but his photo will tour the world insh Allah hopefully.
Thank you Mr. Waters and your crew for bringing the world attention to Khaled Said.
Here aare the photos of Khaled in Roger Waters official website.
Fallen Loved one 
Khaled Said page in Fallen loved one 
I wonder if our media is going to mention this or not.
FYI there was a woman from Egypt who dedicated her pilgrimage to the Holy land this year to late Khaled.


  1. Hi Zeinobia, sorry this is off topic.
    I just watched documentary on Egypt Air flight 990

    سري للغاية - رحلة البطوطي- الجزء الأول

    on 03:26 there's song played during the wedding party, could you please tell me name of the song and the artist. I like the song It's very Egyptian. Look forward for your reply

  2. We wonder if you will have the honesty to bring to light the plight of two of Halayeb's civil society activists who died under torture in Egypt for refusing to accept the illegal, military occupation of their land.

  3. @aburuqayyah , it is for Hakim , one of his early songs I think

    @Zol , I wonder when you will have the honesty to understand that I can't publish anything in my blog without a proof
    My dear the net is too damn vast , set a website or blog for your cause if you believe it just and fair

  4. Have we or have we not provided ample evidence???

    We've provided ample proof but you're obviously so biased that you do not want to highlight their plight and that talk about that injustice because it does not serve your purpose.

    You can never accuse any party or country or group of being selective about its causes because you apply a double standard - the Golan's is illegal occupation and Halayeb's isn't - Khaled Said's is a brutal murder and Sheikh (in the tribal sense) Hasaay's isn't even worth mentioning.

    Not that I ever bought the statements professing how much you 'care' about Sudan - but this completely disproves it.

    I'm sorry to say that that is hypocrisy and this is what the Southern Sudanese have been consistently saying about Egyptian attitudes towards all things Sudanese and African (that aren't edible or profitable).

  5. Sudanese Optimist11/18/2010 08:20:00 PM

    The same hypocrisy that refused to admit to racism in the Egyptian media until an Egyptian who is married to an African American commented...

  6. Sudanese Observer11/18/2010 08:32:00 PM

    A reminder...

    There were tribal institutions existing prior to the the military occupation by Egypt of Halayeb in 1992 - and the members of these institutions call for the restitution of Halayeb to its natural status, under Sudanese sovereignty.

    Halayeb today is an open air prison where its members cannot travel or cross the border and outsiders are not permitted to enter.

    A significant number of Halayeb's tribal chiefs and civil society activists languish in Egyptian prisons without trial.

    5 Halayeb civil society activists have died whilst being incarcerated by Egyptian security forces, most notably the former head of Halayeb Council Al-Taher Muhammad Hasaay who was just 40 yeaars old and was tortured so badly he needed an operation which was carried out in the Cairo hospital where he died.

    Is this excusable Zeinobia?
    Or does he not deserve a post like Khalid...???

    Other Halayeb civil society activists who remain incarcerated without trial by Egyptian security forces include: include Taher Muhammad Hasaay, Al-Taher's brother who is continually incarcerated and set free,
    Muhammad Eissa Saeed who has been incarcerated without trial for the past 6 years,
    Hashim Othman who has been incarcerated without trial for the past 2 years,
    Muhammad Saleem 5 years,
    Ali Eissa Abu Eissa 5 years,
    Hashim Othman 2 years,
    Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Saleh 2 years and there are others.

  7. I saw this earlier , good but i know Roger waters is always on the palestinian side , i dont know if he accept putting israeli soldiers as victims on this wall .


    @ our Sudanese brothers , when we and you be free of our current governments , the new governments can discuss this and come up with solution , u know we both is a mess already.

  8. @The 3 Sudanese: Why should Z do your job? Its your cause or so you claim. These photos are posted by fans. Why didnt you do the same for those alleged victims?! Stop telling ppl what to do and learn how to show some respect.

  9. I'm sorry Kareem but what does the government have to do with the recognition of crimes???

    The government has clearly not prevented Zeinobia from highlighting the plight of Egyptians, Syrians and Palestinians who are unfairly incarcerated / tortured / had their lives taken - but when it comes to the Sudanese civil society activists who are tortured to death in some cases and incarcerated without trial by the occupying country's forces - she refuses to acknowledge this due to a 'lack of evidence' which we have 'clearly' provided.

    The official governmental excuse is morally bankrupt, lame and holds no water and is nothing but a cop-out to excuse a lack of honesty by educated people who should have the courage to be introspective, admit to mistakes where they exist and attempt to change them and change starts with acknowledgement.

    In any case I wouldn't be optimistic about any new government that comes to power in Sudan if I were you - assuming that this one doesn't reflect the popular will - the one that does will antagonise Egypt even more than the last democratically elected government of 1986-1989.

  10. @ Anonymous we do.

    As for what we post on this blog when it comes to political detainees, victims of torture and martyrs, we are highlighting flagrant double-standards.

    Zeinobia comments on Syrian, Palestinian and Egyptian victims but not on Halayeb's Sudanese civil society acivists.

    This reflects selectiveness and moral bankruptcy.

  11. @Taharqa: There is a difference bet highlighting and accusing ppl. This is her blog, she is free to cover what she sees fit and just bec she decided not to cover a particular story or isnt totally convinced of wt you 3 or now 4?! post here doesnt make her a bad person or a hypocrite Problem is you guys comment with complete disrespect to her and mostly to others here. This post was about an Egyptian victim and the Sudanese comments how hypocritical why didnt u include this and that and my question is if this is really your cause why didnt u? why ask others to do your job. Last but not least, its a lie a complete lie when you guys come here and post that all Egyptians were fine with wt happened in Mohandeseen. I used to live near by, was w a Sudanese Egyptian friend that day, the side streets were cordoned, ppl who wanted to give water ect during perevious days were not allowed, yes true some businesses and families that lived closer complained but that wasnt the stance of all of us and wt went on from a gov that is brutal towards its ppl doesnt give any of the 3 rude Sudanese the right to act as if they were God and pass a judgement that all of us liked, condoned or supported this. We arent free and you arent free so stop blaming us for it all.

  12. To Zeinab's credit: she allows every one to post on her blog even those who obviously hate Egypt and Egyptians like John and the three S.

    Egyptian in USA

  13. Sudanese Observer11/20/2010 05:03:00 PM

    We arent free and you arent free so stop blaming us for it all.

    Generalisations don't work with Sudan.

    You blame everything, absolutely everything on your government.

    Ayman Mohieldeen on Al-Jazeera English wrote a very good article on Egypt's elections in which he said that everything in Egypt was driven from the top down...

    Personally speaking I've learned from this blog that maybe that is true, maybe Egyptians do skip to the government's beat.

    Sudan and the Sudanese people are very different.

    In any case I know not all Egyptians were in favour of the massacre at Mustafa Mahmoud, Ali Jom'a amongst others condemned it.

    But the people interviewed on Al-Arabia were in favour and they called the human beings there beats and animals...

    And you can read one of the comments to see what another Egyptian said implicitly defending the massacre by pointing out the behaviour of traumatised refugees...

    Some Egyptians are respectful towards the other.

    But the fact that black-face is tolerated in the Egyptian media is quite simply appalling and inexcusable.

    It's not as if Egypt's vibrant civil society could not do something about it...

    And secondly Zeinobia does not only highlight the case of Egyptian victims, she also highlights the cases of Syrian and Palestinian victims.

    It is self-righteous of her and unfortunately hypocritical when she becomes 'selective' about her causes...

    Presumably torture and illegal incarceration and illegal military occupation is 'bad' - whether in the Golan or Halayeb or whether the victim is an Alexandrian Egyptian or a Sudanese Bejawi.

  14. @Sudanese Observer: Again, Im asking why do you think you have the right to pass a judgement on her as a hypocritical just bec she is choosing which issues to cover?! This is not your blog spot its hers, this is not a post about any other person but Khaled Said, a victim that as usual gets insulted by the Sudanese comments circus that blows up here in the blog every time she writes a post about a victim. Do you have any respect for Khaled Said or is this just another chance to jump in and type in your recycled blah blah words!! Also, if this was really your cause, why arent u campaigning for it or are your activities only summed up in posting in a blog that at the end of the day reachable to those who know about it and cant by any means be considered as a sufficient way to raise awareness about a cause?!! Fact is, u dnt care about khaled said or any of the torture victims, not the Egyptians, not the Sudanese, you dnt care for Halayed, u dnt care for any of this but for these causes being useful for your posts full of hatred towards us. You dnt have an issue with Egyptian decisions but rather with Egyptian ppl themselves. You live in your own self-pitty and Im a victim World.
    I dnt care about those interviewed, The area was loaded with under cover police security the whole time and yes some Egyptians are racist and some dnt think as a country that has a high level of unemployment we shouldve allowed the immigrants to stay since the UN stopped its support and the war in their land ended. Unlike you, we do not claim we are all 100% free from racists or idiots but you seem to think your ppl are all pure even though those of you who come and comment here have shown high levels of racism and victimising yourselves. Im wondering, why didnt the Sudanese ppl back home take steps to make the refugees feel they will be safe upon their return? What did you do for that? Or do you only know how to point fingers at us?!!

    The refugees issue wasnt all on Egypt, if you want to talk frankly. Let us look at the roots of the problem, the Sudanese who were given a vast and rich land but instead decided to fight each other. Where were the 4 of you when the killings were happening and had ppl pushed to immigrate to Egypt in the first place?!!!!! Also, the UN played a dirty trick by stopping its support to those refugees and refused to solve the problem leaving the host country with a situation were yes refugees were living full life in the streets right in front of a masjed and a street circle. Granted, the gov didnt have the right to act the way they did, granted some of those living around complained, most disgustingly was this so-called skeikh Khaled EL Guindy, but that doent mean it was all on us and doesnt mean the majority liked or condoned what happened.
    You claim you are free in Sudan :D for real, great so why didnt u remove your criminal president?!!! In all cases, Id be happy if any of our neighbours became free and had more democracy, we arent as lucky Im afraid and the fact is on so many decisions the gov is so far from wt would be a popular democratic pick.
    As for the black face thing, this is not about it and stop just lumping the cinema, halayieb and the refugees in a post that isnt even about that. Also, this isnt about military occupation and again for the 10th time, stop living in your own bubble just bec you call it occupation that doenst make it so, Also, its an insult to the Syrian and Palestinian causes to compare their clearly occupied lands situation with a territorial dispute situation. I wont explain the difference but for God's sake go get some education on the matter before you throw your made-up baseless ideas turned facts in your brain here.

  15. Sudanese Observer11/21/2010 07:42:00 PM

    We have the right until we are censored - if she doesn't like our comments she can censor us.

    Your attempt to reiterate the points that I have made is vacuous.

    The point is that Zeinobia comments about Egyptian, Syrian and Palestinian victims of torture and arbitrary arrest and 'refuses' to comment on the Sudanese civil society activists who are also victims...

    This is a 'clear' double-standard - because someone who champions a cause such the habeus corpus rule or the illegality of torture will and should do that 'across the board' - otherwise they become selective and with double-standards as is the case currently.

    Halayeb is under illegal military occupation by Egypt.
    This is the current situation.
    It is an open air prison.
    The imposition of Egyptian forces on the area in the mid-90's created this situation so I don't see what the difference is between Egyptian occupation and Israeli occupation.

    Clearly 'you' are exercising a double-standard in differentiating the Levantine Palestinian and Syrian cases from the Sudanese one.

    Make up your mind - either you support illegal military occupation, or you don't.

    And we never said that we don't have social issues in Sudan, however we have the insight, courage and maturity to talk about them whereas you - you attempted to sweep the issue of black-face under the rug and refused to comment on it...
    It exists, it is racist and it is a problem.
    And whether you like it or not - everything is connected - the illegal Egyptian occupation of Halayeb, the tolerance of black-face and negative manner in which all things Sudanese and African are portrayed in the Egyptian media, Southern Sudan's independence and the Nile Basin...
    Perception is everything.

    Our 'criminal President' who unfortunately fought in 'your war' with Israel - with whom you then made peace - was unfortunately re-elected due to the SPLM's withdrawal at the 11th hour...

    I would like to see a different President as I am sure they would deal with the issues of Halayeb and the Nile differently...

  16. I wont read or comment on your recycled material. Point is you have no respect and a rude person to the blogger and to those covered in a post like this and to others.
    This is not about halayieb, not about so-called alleged Halayeb prisoners, or Sudanese refugees. Its not about Egypt and Sudan. This is about a victim that deserves more than being used by you and the other 3 Sudanese for their propaganda.
    I dnt care if your criminal president fought in "our" war or not. Thats his decision and it wasnt "our" war but I take it you understand nothing about this. I also dnt care if he was re-elected or wt ever thats your problem. I just find it laughable you claim you are more free fine, we arent so, you are responsible for the official decisions of the gov you elected free person but we arent. Im sure no new president will do any thing differently and im sure your country will fall apart as long as you have ppl like you, who instead of getting rid of a president who managed to tear the country into parts, spend time to bark at us on a blog spot. Also, you guys are harbouring a wanted criminal and even though i dnt like mubarak that much this man needs to stand trial for attempting to kill an Egyptian president.

  17. You obviously don't have the intellectual capacity to understand what any of us are saying.

    The proverb 'the truth hurts' might ring true here.
    Call it rude if you wish but the selectivity and double-standards of this blog's host in highlighting the cases of Syrian, Egyptian and Palestinian activists and not the Sudanese, civil society activists from Halayeb is...a hypocritical.

    She also refused to acknowledge racism in the Egyptian media until an 'Egyptian' commentator affirmed this.

    As for our President, he did fight in 'your' war and like a fool did it for nothing - that's the opinion of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement that rules the South and the Sudan Liberation Movement of Darfur that has offices in your peace partner's territory - Israel.
    No one but a fool does something for nothing. And by the way which criminal are you referring to? Sudan's President visited Egypt many times since 2000, the Egyptian authorities could have done something if they wanted to.

    Believe me the tide will turn - refer back to the period between 1986-1989 when we had a freely elected civilian government...

    The tide on the Nile issue has turned permanently and sooner or later justice and truth will prevail and the peoples of Halayeb will once more be reunited with their kith and kin in Sudan.

    Keep burying your figurative head deep in the hot emaciated sands of your Egypt but don't say we didn't ring the alarm bells and blame no one but successive generations of Egyptians who have refused to engage 'the other' constructively and honestly.

  18. @Africanist: more blah blah. You are obviously not capable of answering a simple question. You are finding it alright to call others for not defending a cause that youve come here over and over claiming to be defending it. My question, what have you done to those made to leave your conutry, what have you done to them when the UN stopped their aid, what have you done to make them feel safe to go back and why are some of them fleeing to no other but Israel?
    Sure, truth hurst, it also burns those who are preaching to others what they are not even brining themselves to do. Again, every time you guys write its all irrelevant and this time its insulting and exploiting the memory of Khaled Said, which is a low and cowardly way.

  19. what have you done to those made to leave your conutry, what have you done to them when the UN stopped their aid, what have you done to make them feel safe to go back and why are some of them fleeing to no other but Israel?

    What have 'we' done?
    Myself and other commentators?

    What did we do when the UN changed their status in light of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (the Southern refugees and not those from Darfur?)
    Nothing - what could we do?

    What have we done to make them feel safe?
    What have we done to imperil their safety?

    Why are they fleeing to Israel (Egypt's peace partner) at the risk of being shot like fish in a barrel by Egyptian forces?
    You'll have to ask them.

    But ask any Eritrean or Ethiopian what the Sudanese 'community' as well government did for them when they fled en masse to Sudan in the mid-70's through to the 90's and till this very day (in the case of Eritrean refugees) - and they'll tell you a very different story to the one told by Sudanese refugees in Egypt...

    Amongst other things our media doesn't insult them, and if it did we would not condone that.

    And a victim is a victim is a victim.

    Khaled Said's brutalisation is a heinous crime, but then again so is Al-Tahir Hasaay - the Sudanese former civil society leader in Halayeb who was opposing the illegal military occupation by Egypt and was tortured to death.

    Having double-standards that differentiate between victims based on nationality is what is both low and cowardly.

    And recognition is still pending...

  20. Hello All,
    Believe it or not, that picture of the live concrete was taken by myself.I was there and took that picture with my BlackBerry mobile.
    And I'm glad to know that I've contributed to show our ppl in Egypt that a voice can be heard somewhere in this cold world.


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