Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Pampers of Change in Egypt

I just want to know who is behind the Wafd party TV ads !!?? Yes it turned out that these silly pathetic ads are truly Wafd party TV ads . Who is that genius for real !!??Here is the newest Wafd Party TV ad in its elections campaign : The pampers of change which you can watch below :

Wafd Party : Changing the Pampers

Update :

Al Wafd party says that it rejected these two ads especially the change injection but for some reason they were leaked online.

Now Dr. Siyad El-Badawy Pasha has promised the youth and farmers in his committee 10 acres in Sudan each !! I do not know if the Sudan was his daddy’s inheritance or what but it seems that he and Mustafa El-Genndy have reached to some agreement with the Sudanese government “In the North” to lease acres in the country there for Egyptian farmers and youth. This is really great opportunity for investment between the two countries but what about the lost acres in Egypt , why does not the Wafd party question the policies of minister of agriculture !!?? Of course I forgot the minister of agriculture is the brother of the Wafd party former chairman !!?

There are thousands of acres in Egypt that need to be reclaimed and the ministry of agriculture’s policies destroyed these lost acres and our agriculture wealth in general.

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  1. At least their idea is new unlike the NDP ideas or lack of ideas

    Egyptian in USA


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