Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Parliamentary Elections Follow Up : Security Thuggery In Saris El-Lyan

Last November 13,2010  the security forces cracked down violently  in their infamous thuggery way a peaceful protest for the Muslim brotherhood in Sers El-Lyan , Monufia governorate. Sers El-Lyan city is a hot zone in Monufia in this election as it is NDPian strongman Ahmed Ezz’s electoral committee. Ahmed Ezz’s men including the police are making sure that there is no chance for any rival especially from the Muslim brotherhood to have a fair chance in electoral publicity in the committee.
Last November 13th ,2010 the security forces arrested a 19 years old student called Mohamed Mahmoud from the HQ of the MB’s candidate in the city and dragged him to the police station. According to what I understood and what it seemed the boy is from the MB and so is his family.His family and other MB supporters went protesting outside the Police station demanding his immediate release of Mahmoud as he was arrested and humiliated for no reason not to mention he is a minor. The protest went from peaceful to violent when the security forces attacked and chased the civilians in a disgusting way in the videos you will see below. “Most of these videos were gathered and uploaded online by the Muslim brotherhood”
The clip below shows the protest in the beginning , the MB repeating their famous chants before the clashes.
MB Chants
The second clip is taken by a young lady I think “from voice” from her home’s balcony and it shows directly how the security force attacked the MB protesters and chased them as cattle  , there is no respect for status or age or anything. The girl who filmed this very important clip was scared along with her family hiding from time to time at the bottom of her balcony for fear to be spotted , I think she knew someone in the march. “I believe it was her brother”
Security Thuggery in Sers El-Lyan
Here is another video clip taken from another angle , from another balcony showing the security forces while attacking the citizens.
The arrest and beating of many citizens in fron of Sers El-Lyan police station
This video clip below is interesting despite its bad quality , the man who was filming this clip or rather the faces of the central security forces “ I wish he did it right” was telling them that what they were doing “the protesters” was for “those poor soldiers”
The central security forces besiege Sers Lyan citizens and arrest them
I forget to say above that several people were arrested on that day and we do not know if they were released or not.
Why do a 19 years old student get arrested ? Why are people being treated like that !!??

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