Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad Day In Omraneya

In what is considered the biggest clash between the security forces and the Egyptian Christians from along time , ugly violent clashes erupted today from the morning in the crowded Omraneya district in the morning. We got as usual two versions of the story.
According to the unofficial version of the story the Christians were building a service building supplement to the Church in the area , there was some problem about the permits and the Giza governorate insisted that they should not build the supplement building without a permit , yesterday according to the Christians the Police attacked the place and used tear gas bombs inside the Church “The Virgin and angel Mikhail” which angered the Christians naturally and made them protest violently today.
According to the official version of the story a group of Egyptian Christians protested in front of the Giza governorate building at Al Ahram district, they attacked the building and tried to enter it by force. In return the police had to defend the building and clashed violently with the protesters that were using Molotov bottles. The governor says that he gave the permit for a supplement building yet the Church decided to turn it in to another Church with no respect to the legal procedures.
The mainstream media is adopting this version for sure.
Due to the excusive use of violence and constant lying habit the official version of the story will be disbelieved.
Church representatives came immediately to calm down the angry protesters , there is no official statement issued from the Church as far as I know but Naguib Gabriel who identifies himself as the Church’s attorney attacked the Police , Governorate and the regime altogether on Al Jazeera from short time on air.
A 19 years old Christian boy was killed in the clash according to the official reports but I am receiving information that there are other 3 victims. According to reports about 23 to 40 are injured including Police leaderships. 93 protesters have been detained. “Some are saying 105 detainees”. Some are estimating the protesters by 3,000 Christians.
According to news reports the Muslims in the area supported the Christians , this is the Omraneya populated area where all citizens alike suffer from the the bad treatment of the Police , the Omraneya police station used to be the worst police station when it comes to reputation before losing the infamous title to the Sidi Gaber Police station.
The injured protesters are being transferred to the Um Al Masryeen hospital where their families protested in front of the hospital objecting the administration’s order to suspense visitation for the time being.
Before someone speaks about repression against Christians in Egypt , you must know that this is the old police treatment we are being used to in Egypt , check the videos in this blog , check how the Egyptian police treats protesters in general in video and you will know that this is the usual average humiliation.
The consequences of what happened today will not severe for the regime, the elections will be held on next Sunday and after what has happened today the NDP has lost the Christian vote at least in the populated Omraneya area. I do not know if the Giza governor will continue in his position especially that he is defending his decisions and the security.
Here are photos and video clips from the clashes of the day.

Copts protesting in front of the Giza governorate building
The injured inside the the Virgin and angel Mikhail
The Al Bashyer news portal claims that the protests were among the Christians and the Muslims , it  portrays the event as it were a sectarian fight which is not.
The Omraneya protests between Christens and Muslims “Al Bashyer”
More updates to come insh Allah.
Update :

The Omraneya Clashes from Al Jazeera report
The security forces attack
Long live the crescent with cross

I think both parties whether the angry Christians and the Police are both right or wrong. The Christians were wrong when they attacked the governorate’s building and they were wrong when they violated the law and built the church without a permit “we can discuss this matter aside from today’s sorrowful events”.

On the other hand the governorate and the Police are wrong with the excessive use of violence and power , yes there were thousands protesting  angrily but you do not solve matters in this way


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