Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today Was Egypt’s Day on Al Jazeera Channel

Today was Egypt’s day on Al Jazeera TV channel “Arabic” as the channel covered and aired the following :
  •  Omraneya clashes coverage
  • Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi’s provoking statements about Egypt and the Egyptian reactions coverage
  • President Mubarak’s visit to Qatar coverage and his second short statements  for Al Jazeera in a a very rare moment.
  • The Parliamentary elections coverage
  • An interview with NDPians leaders
  • An interview on air with MB guide.
Even Al Jazeera Mubshar hosted on air NDP candidate and current MP Ahmed Shobair and independent opponent candidate Gameela Ismail.
I think other Arab viewers got bored from today’s Egypt comprehensive coverage on Al Jazeera , I got bored myself from all these depressing news.


  1. معندهمش حاجه تانيه يغطوها و عايشين الوهم ان مصر فيها انتخابات حقيقيه - شعوب كلها مغيبه - انتخابات باربع مرشحين فى دائره واحده و وزراء يرشحون انفهسهم على خلاف اى دوله فى العالم و هذا الهبل طبقا للدستور! هذا لم يعد دستور لجمهوريه بل اضحى دستور لماخور و القائمون عليه داعرون

  2. you think al jazeera will change their policy in egypt after that visit?

  3. @anonymous , looool got nothing to cover :)

    @Kareem , they have already changed their policy since yesterday radically !!


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