Monday, December 13, 2010

The Brilliance Of The Sea : Cruise Of Horror

There are about 30 injured passenger in the Brilliance of the sea cruise ship , mostly Americans. The ship will dock tomorrow at Malta ,it will not continue its trip as it seems ,  the passengers have began to protest in the ship according to the coming testimonies from there “watch it below”

I was really worried yesterday when I received the news of the ship through “Breaking News” twitter account because honestly Egypt could not tolerate another disaster in its shores. According to the information we got about the ship , it was near to Matrouh when it met and stood against that storm.

Watch this video from ABC News below after the break and listen to the testimonies of the passengers , it was really scary.

Humans do not want to learn that they are nothing compared to the forces of nature.

The weather in Egypt is better tonight in general as the meteorologists said. More to come insh Allah from updates.

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