Monday, December 13, 2010

Dr. ElBaradei Is Unwelcomed At The Syndicate Of Journalists

Despite being a Nobel peace Prize winner Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is unwelcomed at the syndicate of journalists in Cairo according to the orders of Makram Mohamed Ahmed  , the head of the syndicate!!
The notification the journalists sent "Source"
ElBaradei was planning to visit the Dostor journalists at the syndicate’s HQ downtown to express his solidarity with their cause. As responsible journalists who understand exactly the importance of the coming guest , the journalists notified the administration and Ahmed. Surprisingly they found out that Makram Mohamed Ahmed has rejected totally not only to receive ElBaradei but also to let him enter the building !! Makram Mohamed Ahmed gave his orders to the security not to let Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei , the world renowned Mohamed ElBaradei in and that if he resisted , then they should kick him out !!!
Fact of life Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is a recipient of the Nile Sash and accordingly he should be treated like a Prime minister or even better , this is technically and legally speaking.
From an hour ago Makram Mohamed Ahmed defended his decision on air claiming nervously on ON TV that ElBaradei should take the permission first before entering the syndication !! He said that ElBaradei was welcomed in to the syndication from its main doors not from its back doors !! He also added that the syndication was ready to host a press conference for ElBaradei.. etc.
On the other hand the journalists of Dostor say that Makram Ahmed was ordered by the security to not to let ElBaradei enter the syndicate.
ElBaradei has cancelled the visit so he would not embarrass himself and the journalists and honestly I wish that he did not. I wish that he would have gone and with him a bunch of foreign reporters and TVs to record how a Nobel Peace winner is being treated in his own country !!
This is how we are treating a Nobel peace prize winner in our country , well no wonder the Egyptian regime boycotted the latest Nobel Peace prize ceremony. The syndicate is not an open house for all Egyptian journalists but an open house to all Egyptians , it is not owned by Makram or the security !! Of course that is in a perfect world !!
There is no doubt that original Dostor supported Dr. ElBaradei since day and of course we will not forget that Ibrahim Eissa was fired because he wanted to publish Dr. ElBaradei’s op-ed about the 6th of October war anniversary and the Egyptian army.
It is worth to mention that ElBaradei was harassed last week by the security at the Cairo international airport.
Please spread this post as much as you can , let’s give Makram Mohamed Ahmed little publicity he deserves !!

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