Monday, December 6, 2010

Cablegate And Egypt : Egyptian GTMO Detainees

Here is a new cable about Egypt  released by Wikileaks on last November 30,2010 and it is about the three Egyptian detainees at Guantanamo bay prison.

GOE stands for the government of Egypt , CT stands for counter terrorism and of course EGIS stands for the Egyptian general intelligence service.

That cable was sent on August 1,2005 by the U.S embassy in Cairo and it was about the written assurances sent by the EGIS to the embassy as representative of the American administration regarding the acceptance and human treatment of three Egypt detainees in GTMO. Those detainees were :

  • Abdel Rahman Mohamed  Al Marzouq – ISN : US9EG-00369DP
  • Alaa Mohamed Salim-ISN : US9EG-00071DP
  • Sami Abdel Aziz Salim Allathy- ISN : US9EG-000287DP

The cable goes on and speaks about the direct liaison channel with GOE , the Egyptian intelligence and our spy chief Omar Soliman.

General Soliman's word is the GOE's guarantee,and the GOE's track record of cooperation on CT issues lends further support to this assessment.

General Soliman's stature and power in the Egyptian establishment, and his history of close cooperation with the USG on counterterrorism, corroborate the Egyptian intent take responsibility for the detainees in such a way that protects both U.S. and Egyptian security interests. In addition to the written assurances regarding the detainees treatment, EGIS has conveyed orally to Cairo station that all three will be taken into custody upon arrival in Egypt and will be investigated and prosecuted in accordance with Egyptian law. 

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