Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who Let The Sharks Out !!??

“Who let the sharks out !!?” this is the question many Egyptians are asking now with all the media craze about , local and international media has nothing to speak except the attack of the sharks in Sharm ignoring deliberately or not to the parliamentary elections. The international media finds the sharks' attack more interesting that the parliamentary elections. “ may be the international media find the sharks’ more realistic and more logic than what happened in the elections !!”

A group of American shark experts will arrive to Sharm El-Sheikh to investigate the change in the sharks’ behavior according to The chamber of Diving and water sports. “They have not arrived at the moment of writing down this post” According to the chamber most areas in Sharm will be opened again today for diving activities but I highly doubt that the tourists will trust that announcement.

Now in the past 48 hours there were many theories about who let the sharks out , what made the sharks hungry for human flash , there were crazy theories and there logic theories. We will start with the crazy theories which are actually one that made international headlines in less than 24 hours thanks to “ Egypt today” show !!

“Egypt Today” aired an interview with some specialist called captain Ismail Mustafa who believed that the sharks that attacked the tourists were ocean  sharks based on the fact they are called oceanic white tip sharks !! Well a little scientific fact the oceanic white tip sharks live in sea and they  are not aliens to the red sea or Egyptian environment as they are found worldwide between 45 degrees north and 43 degrees south latitude. Anyhow Mustafa added that someone let them in the red sea and that he was sure from  his theory was true as he received a recent call  from a Israeli diver in Eilat who told him that they captured a shark there with a GPS planted in its back !! Again scientific fact GPS sometimes are planted in the back of dolphins and sharks by marine biologists. He believes that these sharks were monitored and controlled to attack Egyptian shores only !! The theory was semi-officially supported by  General Abdel Fadil Shosha , the governor of South Sinai. The former army general believes the Mossad is the one who let the sharks out to destroy the Egyptian tourism industry. The governor said on air in a phone call to “ Egypt today” show Egypt needed more time to prove it !!  Experts have already refused that theory , of course the people do not listen to the experts but listen to “Egypt today” and the words of the governor whom they trust as a military man !!

Sharks conspiracy theory

The second theory about the cause of sharks attack is that ship which threw dead sheep to the sea from couple of months ago ,the sharks ate the dead sheep and thus their food diet has changed for over. The problem in that theory that that ship incident was from two months ago.

Again I believe that we consider sharks deadly and aggressive “only 4 types of sharks are deadly”  while we are guests in their environment , we are the aliens and we are the ones who messed with their world , what we have done is the question.

My heart goes to the families and victims of those sharks and I wish that the specialists hunt those sharks only without messing with the ecological balance in the red sea. Seriously I got friends and family relatives who are addicted to snorkeling and diving in the red sea especially in Marsa Alam , I can’t imagine how I feel if they are attacked by sharks heavens forbid !!

By the way it turned out that from 5 months a shark attacked an Egyptian worker who died from his injuries and nobody cared !! Also in 2009 a shark attacked a French tourist who also died from her injuries near Marsa Alam.

The sharks are out and I think we should adopt for real ecological scientific mindset


  1. Young Egyptian in Canada12/07/2010 04:22:00 AM

    I don't like how they have to bring experts from USA and Australia to help us with this problem.

    Why aren't there Egyptian Experts on this issue? Is the Egyptian mind less capable than the American or Australian mind?

  2. I was sure Israel's name will show up sooner than later :D Now, I do think this is done by our officials on purpose, make the ppl feel threatened and also deviate attention away from elections and of course the strong amazing love affair bet Mubarak and Israel. I personally dnt think we are a threat to Israel for them to be behind this.

    Now, setting aside the idiotic words we have been hearing from most officials, point is, sharks arent alien to our Red Sea shores, any one who says that is an idiot who doesnt knw much, this includes the white tip shark. Attacks arent also alien, there has been some over the yrs and I did leave a link for data on that in ur previous post. What is different is the frequency and how the sharks according to accounts didnt seem to be doing their usual circles before attacking or following the bump and explore technique they usually follow or even bump and bite and then oh its not fish Im leaving technique, they seemed to be ready to attack very close to the shore which again not their usual place and they kept on bitting i.e. seem to be feeding. This is what the experts need to reveal and thank God someone discovered that the let's clear the sharks campaign isnt the way to go. I love Sharm, in fact was just there few months ago at one of the resorts where the first victims have been reported to have been attacked at. I also stayed at Hayat before and I do recall instructors, sometimes more than one staying around and yelling and warning any one who goes in w bread to the fish, steps on corals (mostly Russians), ect. Ironically, foreign, esp Russian guests were the ones doing that and not Egyptians. Now, cruise tours are the ones throwing food in sometimes to attract fishes and there shld be more monitoring and severe fines for those who do so and tourists. While no one is allowed to fish there, in fact there is on going fishing and you can search on youtube for that and even some videos show ppl fishing sharks! Again, we need proper inspection. Also, how many times will we hear about ships destroying corals or throwing trash in our waters and no damages or compensations were imposed and collected? This ship that threw the sheeps shldnt be allowed in again and shld be made to pay for the costs weve incurred bec of their action, if proven to be the reason and in all cases for polluting the waters.
    Last but not least, I feel for the families of the victims and its clear from esp the last victim, that accounts spoke of lack of intervention or attempts to distract the sharks by the rescuers appointed by the resorts, why am I paying so much to stay there then? why are they hired for? This cld bring legal liability of the resorts into question, nt mention that of the authorities. And the double standards as far as jumping up and down for foreign casualties but not Egyptian is disgusting, may be just may be if the incident of that poor Egyptian guy was announced and researched these last attacks cldve been stoppable or at least we wouldve had some useful info.

  3. The Egyptian MI and police have volunteered to interrogate these 'Israeli' sharks upon their capture and are confident that they will make them talk.

  4. And it gets more and more crazy:
    An Israeli marine biologist actually thinks Egypt is hiding something in this story. I think this was published today @ Ha'aretz.
    And, apparently another claim is made that the shark behind the attacks lost the ability to distinguish fish from humans. Read here:

    Now, personally, I think the gov is behind the attack to distract us from the elections :D

  5. I thought the incident of throwing dead goats and sheeps was during the eid and that was a few weeks ago fa I think it could be a good explanation. What I heard is that there were many eid trips to sharm and that some of them slaughtered their sheeps during the trip and cleaned their boats by throwing the remaining parts and blood into the sea.

    anyways, w'll see !

  6. The BBC has the story too:

    Rumours had circulated in Egypt that there could be an Israeli connection to this unusual spate of Red Sea shark attacks.

    However, it was comments attributed to the South Sinai governor, Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha, carried on an official Egyptian news site that drew attention.

    "What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm," he is reported to have said.

    Shark attacks not linked to Mossad says Israel


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