Monday, December 27, 2010

Can The Egyptian People Be Like The EGC Girls !!??

More than 10,000 students in Alexandria are protesting for the second day in role objecting the decision of minister of education Badr regarding the status of their schools in a very rare incident that got many indications for changes in the Egyptian society.
EGC girls protesting
Minister Ahmed Zaki Badr strikes again , he decided with no right according to turn a group of language schools “EGS , EBS and Lycee Francias d’ Alexandrie” in Alexandria following the national institutions in to public schools following the ministry suddenly because some violations in the schools' boards. One must wonder why to change the administrative and financial system of these schools after all these years when you can only change the school board !!?
EBS boys protesting on the other side 
In 1960s President Nasser nationalized foreign language schools in the country, the minister of education then had a vision better than Badr knowing the important role of these schools to the middle , high middle and high classes in Egypt. The government then made something the national institution board which all ex-foreign language schools would follow financially and administratively. In the past the students had shareholders in their schools from their tuition fees. These schools have got boards made of parents and schools’ officials. My mom , my aunts , my cousins and myself are graduates of the national institution schools.
EBS and EGC protest
Now it seems that Badr has an eye on all the national institution schools now. He signed his decree without even discussing with the parents in the schools’ boards.
EBS boys 
He strikes again but now there are about 10,000 students in Alexandria mostly from girls headed by the EGC school girls are protesting for two days and threatening to strike to object the minister decision. Tomorrow there will be an open strike in the three schools till the minister cancels his decision. The parents will sue him in court and already they are angry from his provoking statements that they are from the arrogant rich class !! Dear minister these parents are from the middle class that want better education to their children without paying hundreds of thousands of pounds in international schools. Badr can’t speak about international schools or open his mouth about what they they teach because all the ministers and regime men kids are enrolled in these schools.
EGC protest
The EGC girls anger
Badr seems to ignore the history of EGS whose famous graduates include Queen Sofia of Spain and Laila Rostom “I hope she interferes in the matter”
We hate the low voice
The students of EGC and EBS have destroyed the car of the ministry’s representative in the governorate when he was visiting the school. I like those girls and boys

The Facebook is playing an important role in this unique strike of its kind as students are organizing themselves through it .
This open strike shows that strikes and protests are no longer an alien thing to the the Egyptian society on the contrary they have become a norm. I am so proud of these students because tomorrow they will know how to defend their rights in the country.


  1. Yes, I share the same hope that all those Graceful young ladies and Brave young men will be able to defend their rights in the future. When someone tries to take your home when you are very young, you learn how to defend it early.... and fiercely.

  2. رامي نقاش12/28/2010 12:14:00 AM

    عجبني تعليق على خبر اليوم السابع بيقول "كان حلم حياتى بناتي يتربوا فى هذه المدارس العريقة ليكونوا البقية الباقية من الطبقة الوسطى" .. حسسني فعلا قد إيه ده بقى تحدي صعب في مجتمع لفظ هذه الطبقة وما ترمز اليه

  3. We X-EGC rejects destroying our memories .. EGC is a history not a school

  4. i like your article but i dont agree with two points. First is the title of the article "Can The Egyptian People Be Like The EGC Girls !!??" because the EGC girls are egyptians, second, dont get your hopes up because the EBS guys are just protesting just to not look less than the EGC girls

  5. to ((hassanwael2)) im an egc girl and i say to u i dnt agree with ur second point because ebs are not shoeing they r mad just like us !!

  6. Is it usual for protesters to separate themselves by gender? I thought Egypt was less uptight than that. I have never visited the ME, so pardon my dumb question.

  7. @Henar , best girls ever , keep being crazy :)

    @Jason , EGC is all girls school , EBS is all boys school as simple as that
    Lycee Francias is mixed and they are protesting together

  8. I think Mr. Badr as a responsible Authority has a reason for making such a decision based on a scientific study that has a base and has been discussed and approved by consultants and advisors, I believe he has the right to present such documents to the public and to the schools boards proving his point of view and move. However, if he made such move based on personal view, then here I must support what is requested at this point, to draw back and undo what he did, otherwise this should be done also in Cairo for similar schools, plus he must submit resignation
    I am a proud graduate of the EGC and believe in building and improving on what we have based on its history and performance, also on logic and reason on how we handle our work and relations.

    Walid Sid Ahmed

  9. Whatever they do...nothing is going to change the history of our dear school!

    I'm proud to be an ex-EGC student and I'm positive that EGCians are loyal and strong enough to face this crisis!

    May God Bless you all!

  10. @Doaa: There is a gained value in having these kids organise themselves and defend their right in being involved in decisions relating to their schools. Change is a difficult thing when not supported by a visionary regime but one that thinks they are the only ones who know better and do best. What matters here is the value of being positive and taking a stand. I do believe that ppl undermine their efforts by repeating things like nothing will change. Fact is in several situations public reaction did matter and did influence the outcome and forced the gov to react, true it doesnt lead to major changes but it means public reaction matters more than we are made to believe and we need to keep the pressure on issues we see as important. This is how democratic societies make sure the gov and regime isnt acting freely and this is the only route we have to force change.

  11. can some 1 be honest and say that mr.BADER is trying to cover up his filer as education minster, by taking over these schools tern it to be public school, so he can lie to the government about some achievement he have done, On the other hand these school`s budget,buildings,buses and salary`s cuts he will take over will end up in his POCKET. BUT DO WE DARE TO SAY THE TRUTH

  12. No wonder why Egypt is a third world country.
    They nominate an un-educated person to be the minister of education. This idiot is destroying the little of education they have left in there.

  13. Dear last anonymous commentator , we did not nominate or elect him , he was appointed by the NDP government


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