Monday, December 27, 2010

The Tunisian Uprising : Contradicting News "Updated"

As result of the restrictions on the media , we do not exactly what is happening currently in Sidi Bou Zid governorate , we do not know if the clashes have stopped or  the security forces “both Police and army” have cracked down the protests or they are still on , we do not know how many injured are currently in the hospitals nor how many civilian losses the cities in the governorate suffered from due to the mutual violence between the public and the security forces. Yesterday there were talks in the governorate about strike , an open strike if the the citizens that were detained during the clashes in the past 7 days.
Yet we know through activists and also news agencies that the protests are spreading in Tunisian towns and governorates after the Southern governorate and that the Sidi Bou Zid’s revolt is not like anything Tunisia has witnessed before.

فيديو: الاحتجاجات تصل إلى معتمدية بئر الحفي #sidibouzid from tunisians on Vimeo.
According to Facebook groups there are protests in several Tunisian and European cities. Here is a video I found at the Facebook group “Smile , you are not from Sidi Bou Zid” from the clashes last week.

I am afraid I can’t understand what the two ladies were saying. Here is another video from another Facebook  group “Sidi Bou Zid in hell” , also shot by night showing the sound of fire arms.

Here is another video showing the security forces in the town last week.

The official news agency of Tunisia is insisting everything is under control and that there are many projects to be implemented in the Sidi Bou Zid so those violent unemployed should shut up. One must wonder where these projects where when Ben Ali’s regime was spending millions of dollars on paid advertisements praising the Ben Ali’s rule in Arabic press !! Despite that scene does not surprise me because we have its twin in Egypt yet I am surprised that this scene is from Tunisia. Honestly I thought that Tunisians enjoy better economic conditions thanks to the glossy Ben Ali propaganda but I was mistaken.

Up till now the protests have not reached to the level of cursing Ben Ali as for example what happened in Mahalla , but let’s remember that revolutions always start with angry protesters who can’t take it anymore from poverty.
Update : 
  • About 1000 protesters clashed with the security forces in the South. 
  • There is currently a curfew imposed on the city of Sidi Bou Zid , pharmacies are closed and there is already food shortage in the city. 
  • Here is an image from the tear gas bombs used in Bouzian city in Sidi Bou Zid. "From Facebook"
  • The clashes and protests are still on and the international silence is still on. 
  • Here is a video clip for a protest held from awhile ago in solidarity with the Sidi Bou Zid objecting the high rates of unemployment  , I do not know where exactly. 

  • Nawaat website received a strange solidarity letter allegedly sent by a Tunisian police officer speaking on behalf of the Tunisian police. The website is amazed as the letter strangely attacks Ben Ali and his clan. I think that letter could be sent by a police officer in the force where he speaks on behalf of some of his colleagues, I remember that I saw similar comments in ElBaradei topics online from officers in the Egyptian army. 
  • There are currently protests in kasserine town in solidarity with Sidi Bou Zid.  
  • FYI according to Wikileaks President Ben Ali is suffering from a deadly type of Cancer. 

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