Monday, December 27, 2010

Questions About Abu Simbel Highway Bus Crash !!??

First of all I am very sorry for those dear American tourists who were killed in the bus crash yesterday in Aswan. 

Second why was not the Egyptian bus driver transferred to the same hospital in Cairo where the injured American tourists are but rather to some public hospital in Aswan ?!

Third till when have we to suffer from the Abu Simbel highway car accidents !!? why do not we close that bloody highway which has become an open graveyard for Egyptians and foreigners alike till we end its bloody curse !!??


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    To evaluate the status of Egyptian drivers, please count the number of vehicles with dents, bangs, scratches and other defects while driving around.

  2. Drivers talk on the phone and stay too close to the vehicles in front and drive on the wrong side of the road. Although the convoys have helped the drivers are simply missinformed about the risks they are taking when they do these things. More monitoring of the convoy and inforcement of the rules is required.

    Tourists should be encouraged to refuse to tip bad drivers.

  3. I cannot speak to the conditions of the highway to Abu Simpel. I can say that not all drivers I'n Egypt are unsafe; while on tour with STI we had wonderful drivers (but always in a van; we never traveled by bus). It is sad, however, to see how the car has taken over the Egyptian landscape, creating congestion and pollution that spoils a remarkable country. And of course it's curious to a westerner why one must have three cell phones and be using two of then at once. --Mike


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