Sunday, December 26, 2010

How To Steal A Minbar From A Mosque !!??

Forget about the Van Gogh painting which we do not where or how it has gone because it is nothing compared to the theft of ancient Minbar from ancient mosque !!
Yes a whole minbar was stolen from an ancient mosque near the famous Sultan Hassan mosque a month ago and the theft was not discovered except from a short time according to Youm 7 !!!!  The minbar was stolen from the mosque of Qani Amir Akhur that was built in 1503 “908 AH” not from the Sultan Hassan mosque.
Qani Amir Akhur Mosque 
How can you steal a minbar from a mosque ?? why do you steal a minbar !!?? Surely who stole will not use it in a mosque but rather in some art collection !!?? Is the new fashion now days to decorate your house with a minbar !!?
I think now Farouk Hosni will move from the yellow stage in to the blue stage !!
The ministry of culture and supreme council of antiquities are playing the blaming game with the ministry of Awkaf.
I fear on the Pyramids and Sphinx now !!


  1. The whole of Egypt is being dismantled and stolen piece by piece.

    This piece of artwork will be disassembled, packed very well, and stuffed in a private jet belonging to one of the big crooks of Egypt.

    It will be taken to a destination where there are collectors who will pay a king's ransom for it.

    The thief or thieves will divide the loot. And Sultan who ever his name was will have a Masjid without the piece of artwork.

  2. It is true Ryan.
    DO you know one of the most famous cases in the past ten years was the theft and disassembling of a whole ancient Egyptian temple !!?? The Swiss authorities found a whole temple in its airports from couple of years ago !!
    So actually stealing a minbar can be nothing now !!

  3. Zeinobia, don't worry. Sultan Hassan mosque can get another one.

  4. That is not funny Jason at all.

  5. Z, I bet you smiled at least. :) Look! This is the perfect way to get Egyptians to attend those long, boring sermons. By the way, off topic, I linked to you from this post.


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