Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Kung Fu Spy Updates : And The Lebanese Editor in Chief Is !!??

Since knowing the details of the Kung Fu Spy’s story and many were asking one question especially in Lebanon :
Who is that Lebanese editor in chief Tarek Abdel Razek tried to recruit !!??
According to the description that was available for us , that editor in chief heads a pro-Hezbollah , pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper and so since day one most of us in Egypt , Lebanon and even Israel though of the most famous Pro-Hezbollah Pro-Syrian newspaper in Lebanon  “Al Akhbar” but for some reason I could not believe that Tarek would approach its editor in chief Ibrahim Al Amin.
The Israeli media believed it was Lebanese Al Akhbar’s editor in chief too but they were wrong, their intelligence service tried to recruit the editor in chief of Lebanese Al-Diyar.
The  Pro-Syria Lebanese editor in chief of Lebanese Al Diyar Charles Ayoub revealed to Al Arabiya network in a phone call that Tarek Abdel Razek called him from 9 months ago inviting him to give lectures about the Mideast in Macau , Thailand and South Africa. The former Lebanese army officer said that Tarek did not offer him $200,0000 but other incentives. Tarek told him that he would not pay a penny in this trip where he would travel in first class , stay in first class hotels and have a free credit card so he can spend as he wants …etc.  He began to suspect Tarek’s intentions after his persistence and his constant calls and in the end he declined.
Charles Ayoub 
Ayoub said that if he knew that Abdel Razek was sent by the Mossad , he would have dragged him to Lebanon to be arrested by the Lebanese intelligence there but he did not .”May be he suspected he was working for the GIS”
What Ayoub said confirms what some security experts in Egypt like General Mohamed Khalf and Nabil Farouk said that Abdel Razek was sent to Levant to create a diplomatic crises for Egypt . Ayoub is a former officer and has got enough expertise to suspect and spot someone like Abdel Razek.
The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs is asking Ayoub to come and testify in the case and already he said that he was ready to come to Cairo to testify in the case.
Back to Abdel Razek , his family is currently a hell you can’t imagine from the media’s disrespect to their catastrophe to that look in the eyes of their neighbors at that very poor area where they live or they lived as they reportedly have left it due to the media pressure they were facing.


  1. Zeinobia,
    Have you heard about this news item claim?

    الجاسوس طارق وراء اقالة وزير الري محمود ابوزيد من منصبه


  2. @Bassem , I do not know why I suspect this story

  3. @Bassem and Z: if the story was true then we are in trouble, as if we arent already. My point is, if the story was true this goes to show how Mubarak is not intelligent at all when it comes to steering affairs. He suspects a minister has somehow shared top confidential info and instead of ordering an investigation to find out how this happened, he simply fires him!! What if the minister was a spy, shld he brought down? and if he wasnt the spy, shld the investigation reveal who has managed to spy on a minister no less?!!
    Also, despite fresh revelations about how Israelis perceive us as enemies, Mubarak is still so lovey dovey, why? This is the real question here.


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