Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Launch of Mohamed Alaa Mubarak Foundation

Do you remember the Mohamed Alaa Mubarak foundation Quran recitation contest ad ?? Do you remember how I wondered who was behind it ??

It turned out that the Mubaraks for real are behind it. Alaa Mubarak and his wife Heidi wanted to dedicate something for their late son Mohamed and decided to have a charity foundation in his name to serve the community. They started with the Quran recitation contest and then will move in to medical care across the country.

Noble action for sure but from where that money they spend came !!?? What is the real business of Alaa Mubarak ?? We know that he is a businessman , fine where is his company !!??

Alaa Mubarak said a public speech that was his first in public and honestly this man got a charisma unlike his brother. You can watch the speech below after the break.

Egypt Today : A report about Mohamed Alaa Mubarak foundation

Why was Gamal Mubarak seated at the back of the hall, is there a danger on his life as he was seated and his back was to a wall !!??

Here is  a short interview with the couple.  Popular TV host Mahmoud Saad interviews them by the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Alaa Mubarak speak to Egypt Today

This was the first public activity for Alaa Mubarak and also his wife Heidi Rasekh , the daughter of Magdy Rasekh.

I feel sorry for Heidi regardless of what you think or say , I feel for her as a human , as a mother who lost her son regardless of her father or her father in law. She seems to be a nice person.

The couple were speaking about the need of the health sector to donations and how President Mubarak encouraged them to go beyond Cairo and head  for the countryside !! With my all respect to their noble cause ,where is the role of the government !!?? The government chosen by President Mubarak !!??

May be it is coincidence but Alaa Mubarak seemed to be the magic medicine along with Religion Gamal Mubarak is using to gain popularity after what he and his short sidekick have done in the parliamentary elections


  1. Life is not black and white. It is all shades of grey. In any bad thing you will find a good thing and vice verse.

    Thanks Zeinab for the story.

    E in USA

  2. What a wonderful cause I congratulate alaa and Heidi and I have to say god bless them they seem to be Avery nice couple very down to earth and natural charisma I think because they were speaking from their heart I pray for god to give them peace of mind bless their young son and rest mohameds soul in heaven ISA


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