Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NASA Finds Extra-terrestrial Life Form in Sudan !!

NASA has announced that it found extra-terrestrial life forms in Sudan and before your mind goes too far these life forms are not those life forms below !!
ETs summit !!
The life forms NASA found are actually ET amino-acids in meteorite fragments that landed in Northern Sudan. The meteorite fragments came from an asteroid. The scientists found about 600 meteorite fragments from a meteor show.
Scientists in NASA believe that this discovery provides additional support for the theory that life’s ingredients were to delivered to the Earth by asteroid.
Back to the the ETs in the photos above , well Mubarak and the Gaddafi went along the Mauritanian President today  and had that this small African Arab summit with the Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir and the South Sudan leader Salva Kirr. I do not know what the two men can achieve just before 20 days from the coming referendum !!??
It is just like that the pathetic offer of Al Bashir he announced last Friday , the Sudanese president offered the share of the north in the oil revenue to the south in return for unity in the coming referendum. Ironically that offer came on the same day that we find a U.S diplomatic cable claiming that El-Bashir got $ 9 billion in a bank account abroad !!
With my all respect why we are always reactive !!


  1. Perhaps Gaddafi has called home and they sent the meteorite as a sign of support

  2. When you say 'why we are all reactive' - who is 'we'?

  3. impeccable sense of humor Zeinobia! Mostafa

  4. Qaddafi is a super-villain par excellence - the founders of DC Comics and Marvel couldn't have imagined him more vividly - he has everything - the Amazonian female entourage, the trans-continental motorcade, the tent, *the outfits* and the uncanny ability to do harm far and wide and to emerge perhaps condemned but unscathed.

  5. @anonymous , looool

    @Africanist , I think it is obvious whom I am referring to ;) Nice trick

    @Mostafa , thanks :)

  6. I don't believe in, or deal with, or endorse 'tricks' - even dirty ones as you have in a previous post in which you defended reprehensible actions made 'for the interest of your country'.

    It was a simple and straight-forward question.

  7. Qadaffi shld ve bene featured in Men in Black, Im hearing they are preparing for part III, the writers need to consider it.

  8. @Africanist , ok I will answer your question and that's it , there will be no endless debates, I meant us as in Egyptians and Arabs

    @anonymous, yes and he comes from the green planet !!

  9. @Z: no dear he has his own planet. You know, honestly, looking at those so-called leaders of ours, esp as exposed by wikileaks, makes me think we as in the ppl must be idiots if those idiots are able to seize power and rule us for so long.

  10. You're reactive as Egyptians and Arabs because you do not understand the other - knowledge is key to constructive engagement.


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