Egyptian Chronicles: Angry Maghreb : The Jasmine Revolt of Tunisia “Graphic”

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angry Maghreb : The Jasmine Revolt of Tunisia “Graphic”

For the 26th day in row things in Tunisia are escalating toward some sort of revolution according to all indications. The protests are spreading like fire across the country in several governorates especially after what happened in Kasserine from two days ago .

The study has been suspended in the country in schools and universities for further notice  as the protests have reached to schools. Here is the protest in Lycée Mixte Zaghouan in Zaghouan governorate.  I will start with the protest videos because they are more promising.

The lycée mixte Zaghouan portest

Here is another video clip from a protest held yesterday by students in Bizerte Governorate

Bizerte students protest

and another student protest  in Gafasa governorate yesterday

Gafsa students protest

and in Tabarka city , Jendouba governorate

The students protest in Tabarka , Jendouba governorate

By the way the posters and masks of Jack Fawkes are seen in these protests.

More protesters , more citizens across the Tunisian cities are destroying the photos of Ben Ali in the cities plazas. Here is a video from Kasserine city in Kasserine governorate for citizens burning down a huge banner for Ben Ali in the city plaza.

Kasserine protesters taking off huge Ben Ali protesters

Here is another  video from Haffouz in Kairouan governorate last night, it reminds me that iconic scene in Mahalla.

Burning down the photo of Ben Ali in Haffouz.

As the protests rate is increasing hour by hour , the violence from the security forces side is also escalating. More victims are falling down , in the last two days 35 citizens were killed and hundreds were injured in Kasserine and this is just a primary number. The situation in Kasserine governorate seemed to be horrific as hospitals are now in a huge need for blood donations. The live ammunition is now used as a norm with regard to any thing you can imagine.The protests have reached already to the capital itself, today a group of artists want to protest what happened but as expected they were violently cracked down.

Here are video clips for protests and clashes in the past 48 hours.

Clashes in the city of Haffouz yesterday
Clashes in Rades , Tunis last night
The tear gas grenades used in cracking down protests in Kairouan

The restrictions on internet websites are also escalating , earlier today Facebook was reportedly blocked for several hours today. More Tunisian internet users are reporting difficulties in uploading videos to the very few uploading websites remaining unblocked in the country. Personally I believe the Tunisians should improvise , they should not only be limited to traditional websites like YouTube or Facebook or Daily Motion but they should think about websites like

Two bloggers were reportedly detained for spreading info on how to break this great firewall using proxies and similar techniques in the country.  Over 100 blog has been blocked in the country.

The international media began to pay attention to the small north African country at  last , citizens in Tunisia are encourage their photos to BBC international using this email : or they can text it through SMS on this number : +447725100100.

Here are video clips showing victims of the security forces brutality in Tunisia. “some are extremely graphic”

  • This video is the most shocking you the victims of Kasserine in the hospital from two days ago , it is extremely graphic to the level that You Tube has already removed . You will see the doctors in chaos , women screaming and dead bodies all over the place. It is just horrible and this was a small scene from what happened in that small governorate “Warning extremely graphic”

  • A video from Kasserine hospital again showing the injured including a 12 years old kid
Kids injured by police forces
  • City of Regueb in Sidi Bou Zid governorate hold a general strike yesterday in solidarity with the victims that have been killed in the past 24 hours.
City of Regueb’s general strike

For the second time in less than two weeks Ben Ali , who was once considered from the toughest dictators in the region spoke to the Tunisian people in a Televised speech. He described the protesters as gangs that were ordered by foreign parties. ‘he did not specify what or who those foreign parties were !!?’ He promised the citizens of Tunisia of with 300,000 job opportunities ‘where have they been !?’ and warned that any attempt to destabilize the country will be met  firmly !! ‘which means many people will be killed in the coming days , he will not go with down’

There are a lot of rumors in the country which is a natural thing in these times , the latest Tunisian rumor I have heard was that decision of Ben Ali to change his spy chief, I do not know if it is true or not but let’s agree that Ben Ali now is scared to death from any sort of coup d'état in the country and surely he remembers now very well what he had done to Habib  Bourguiba. There is a strong rumor that Laila Ben Ali , the powerful first lady of Tunisia has fled the country along with her family and is currently staying in UAE till things clam down. The third rumor I heard today was that there will be a curfew imposed in the capital Tunis starting from 7 PM

P.S the Jasmine revolt is  a term I found in twitter last night that I like so much.

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  1. what youtube won't allow or where it's blocked:

  2. Hope this is the spark that will stir up the populations in Arab countries that have been treated like shit by their rulers for a long long time.

  3. Impressive mass mouvement. Proud of our brothers and sisters in tunisia, the first of all arab countries to revolt against the tyranny. Sick of those ruling bastards. Time to beat it. La ilaha illa allah, mohamed rassul allah!

  4. Its doubtful that the Domino effect will take place, why? because Arab leaders suspect it and they by now made their armies and police force ready for it. Beside they learnt a great deal from the events in Tunisia. But the most important reason is that the people of those countries are afraid to pay the price and die for it and rather go home to their family and sleep easy in thier bed until they either die of poverty, or old age, or repression or in jail, or diabetes due to food excess if they are middle class, but never die fighting for freedom, that my friend is the real reason why those countries were, are still and will remain
    under repression for a long time to come.One thing for sure, the leaders of those countries know it.

  5. Forget the details and concentrate on the big strategic picture, remember Iran and how the
    Shah went, remember Saddam and how he went? At the centre of the Iranian and Iraqi saga is Oil, come on people, you should be well familiar with the pattern by now.dont hope for freedom and democracy in Tunisia, the coaltion government will see to it that nothing will change.


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