Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News : A shooting in Minya , Upper Egypt

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breaking News : A shooting in Minya , Upper Egypt

Location Samalut, Samalout, Al - Menia, Egypt
It seems that there is a shooting incident in Minya governorate , Upper Egypt from few moments. A gunman opened his fire on a train at Samalut. Al Masry Al Youm is saying that one citizen was killed and 5 were injured in what the newspaper described a random shooting !!
Update : 
  • Al Masry Al Youm has published a list with the victims names and they are all Christians from different ages , the eldest is 71 years old and the youngest is 21 years old. 
  • 71 years old Mossad Eid from Cairo , El-Zaiton was killed, the rest were injured only. 
  • The gunman escaped after the shooting. We do not know if it is a random shooting or not.
  • Before anyone can jump in to the wagon and says it is a sectarian incident , you must understand that Minya especially Samalut has a very large Christian community "the second largest community in Egypt", this is Upper Egypt and that shooting could be for anything other reason than sectarian reasons. It can be a vendetta , a family fight or even a real random shooting. There is not a car accident in Upper Egypt without Christian victims in it. I am saying this because we need to think with our minds before anything. 
  • The MB website in Minya claims that the gunman was a police cadet
  • There are stupid rumors already about what happened online which I will not share. 
  • Original Dostor wesite says that the gunman was arrested.
  • Egyptian blogger Hossam Yahia is in Minya and has contacted a friend in Samalut who told him that it was a vendetta issue.  
  • An eye witness wrote in the Rassad unit Facebook page that she was in the train and saw the gunman opening his fire randomly.   
  • The gunman turned to be 22 years old Amer Ashur Abdel Zaher who works in Bani Mazar police station !! There is no announced motive yet.  
  •  The early official reports claim that Abdel Zaher is mentally unstable and was forbidden to carry weapons !! If he is mentally unstable , why was he still working in the force !!?
  •  The victims were transferred to the "Good shepherd" hospital in the city of Samalut which follows the church. "Why were not they transferred to Samalut general hospital ?"
  • There are clashes between the families of the injured victims and the security forces !! The security forces threw stones on the hospital and the church for no logic reason. The mainstream media claims that the families of the victims attacked the security forces first while the Christian websites say it is other way around. 
  • From that video below I can believe the version of the Christian websites 

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    1. The CIA-MOSSAD-NATO plan is split up Egypt. Hence the attacks on Christians and churches.


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