Egyptian Chronicles: Angry Maghreb : The Riddle of Algiers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angry Maghreb : The Riddle of Algiers

I do not understand what is currently happening in Algeria , seriously I do not know how to categorize these protests.

At first I thought that these protests were a result of the government decision to raise the prices of certain essential commodities. The angry protests turned in to bloody clashes with the security forces ending up with 5 dead and more than 800 injured according to official estimations.

The government immediately lowered the prices of basic commodities by 41% , do not even ask  why the government increased the prices if it knows that the people will refuse this huge increase , why the government increased the prices if it does not need to do so.

Whoever really thought of increasing the prices , for sure he knew the consequences very well , at least this what happens in Egypt when there is a coming increase in prices.

Analysts say that what is currently happening in Algeria is actually a hidden war between members of the Algerian junta on who should rule the country. President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika will not rule forever especially he is suffering from cancer and his civilian brother businessman Said Bouteflika has aspirations to become the president , the thing which the army generals do not like.

Algeria is the richest country in North Africa thanks to its oil exports , one thought that the Algerians should be living in the same standard like our brothers in the Gulf but reality says other thing , it says that there is corruption and dictatorship plus frustrated people. with the bloody history of the army and radicals in the country one must be very afraid about the future of Algeria in the new MENA

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