Egyptian Chronicles: Ben Ali of Tunisia : The Beginning Of The Ending "Live Updated"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ben Ali of Tunisia : The Beginning Of The Ending "Live Updated"

Location Tunisia
  • Ben Ali’s in laws are reportedly  left the country and have headed to Canada “ Canadians please do not welcome them , they are thieves , do not let them enjoy your great citizenship and refugee privileges” Tunisian protesters are said to receive them in the airport.
  • The Moroccan newspapers say that Ben Ali has fired his army chief staff Rashid Ammar because he ordered the army to attack the protesters in fact to protect them. He appointed the chief of Military intelligence instead of him.
Tunisian Army supports citizens
  • The army has been deployed to several areas in the country .
  • Up till now 12 civilians have been killed alone tonight in Tunis , the capital.
  • I think we must think now in a coup d'état scenario 
Updated : 
Now it is 5:10 AM Cairo local time , I am having a little fever but I had to update this because now the story is moving too damn fast than anyone can imagine and I could not just sleep or rest. 
  • Rumors are spreading across the country like fire " Rashid Ammar was killed , the army surrounded the ministry of interior and Ben Ali escaped to the French embassy"
  • Guys remember the name of Rashid Amar because may be if he is alive , he will be the third president of Tunisia 
  • Back to the civilian victims of the clashes , there are horrifying tales of rape and snippers on the roof ' logic considering all injuries are in the head and in the chest' 
  • I received a tweet from SBZ-News that the army was deployed at the Radio HQ in Tunis. 
  • There are crazy unconfirmed rumors currently 
The story is rapidly developing in Tunisia
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