Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another 3 Egyptians To Set Themselves on Fire in the Last 24 hours !! 'Updated'

It seems that Mohamed Bou Azizi May Allah bless his soul has set a trend in Egypt :
  • A housewife in Alexandria set herself on fire yesterday at the same time we were busy with Abdel Manam Hamda in Cairo , I do no know what happened to her.
  • Today another citizen tired to set himself on fire in front of the parliament  in Cairo again in less than 48 hours after Hamda. 50 years old Mohamed Farouk , a divorced lawyer set himself on fire but the parliament guards managed to saved him quickly and transfer him to the Monira hospital. The MOH has not published any statement about his condition , I think it is worse than Hamda’s then !! The only thing we know about him according to Mainstream media is that he was objecting his daughter’s behavior !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Another citizen tried to set himself on fire in Alexandria and this time it is unemployed 25 years old Ahmed Hasham El-Siyad who is suffering from 3rd degree burns and is currently between life and death !!!
  • The security of the parliament has stopped another citizen from setting himself on fire from couple of hours ago and currently there is a fire engine and ambulance in front of the parliament just in case !! No one has tried yet the Oroba palace despite it is the real decision making center in the country !!
  • The Egyptian stock market index is down again.
Updated : 
  • Masrawy siad that a third person tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire in front of the parliament again today !! According to eye witnesses the young man was saved and currently transferred to Al Mounira hospital. He is reportedly has burns in his legs !!
  • The Young man in Alexandria Ahmed Hasham has passed away as there were burns in 95% of his body!! 
  • The foreign investors are selling their stocks in the Egyptian stock market ,  they are so scared.They have sold so far stocks with the value of LE 250 Million !! 
  • The MOI has gave its orders to oil and gasoline stations not to sell oil in jerry cans !!


  1. does the government care that these people take their lives? I don't think so.

  2. Instead of setting themselves on fire, Egyptians should gather the Mubarak family with their cronies and barbecue them.

  3. Daniel Monnerat5/30/2021 09:28:00 PM

    Hi Zoinobia. My name is Daniel Monnerat. I'm a brazilian journalist and I'm using your posts in this blog in my mastership thesis in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro about the role of the social networks and blogs in the arab uprisings, mainly in Tunisia and Egypt. It would be very important if you could tell me about your experience in that uprisings. May I send to you two or three questions? It can be by e-mail, Whatsapp, anyway you prefer. Thank you in advance.

  4. Daniel Monnerat5/30/2021 09:30:00 PM

    Ops... My e-mail is : daniel.monnerat@gmail.com


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