Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love you Gomaa

Egyptian hero Ahmed Al-Hawn was transferred to a hospital in Aswan after having a heart attack and he is currently in ICU. Al-Hawn was being honored in the National Day of Aswan. Insh Allah he will be fine , I hope that Dr. Magdy Yaccoub sees him there.
Now I forgot to publish this very cheerful news last 1st January 2011 as we have been busy in the disaster of Alexandria , I wanted to started the year with it but fate had other plans.
Ahmed El-Hawn aka Gomaa El-Shawn signed the NAC Demands statement.He also stated that any sane person will do same and sign the NAC demands statement and that he has never voted in any election because he does  not trust its integrity. 
This is the biggest slap to the regime that disrespected him and the NDP MP Abdel Salam Mahgoub who should have not enrolled  in politics in this way after his fine history in the GIS in the first place. “Ahmed Ezz who used to wear pampers when Mahgoub was risking his life in 1960s in the GIS calls him now Abdel Salam !!”
Do not underestimate the power of that statement or the NAC or ElBaradei , let’s knock all the possible doors as much as we can and yes sign the NAC demands statement.
Have a speed recovery El-Hawn , we need you big man more than those imposters of the policies committee.I sent him a SMS today wishing a speedy recovery.
Please spread this news because the MSM has ignored it completely


  1. يوم 25 يناير بداية إنتفاضة الشعب المصرى

  2. El Dostor seems to be alone among major Egyptian newspapers in adding a Tunisian flag decoration to their logo in acknowledgment of the revolution. Rosa Al-Youssef certainly hasn't, haha. Mohamed El Naschie thinks the Tunisia situation came about because of the old regime's prohibition on veils, and Mubarak is therefore in the clear.


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