Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Jan25 Anger Day : Suez is a War Zone Again "Updated"

The Suez city is like a war zone currently , the updates coming from the city currently describing very violent clashes between the locals and the police forces. The people of Suez are extremely angry for the murder of three locals “Mustafa Reda , Soliman Saber and Gharib Abdel Aziz Abdel Latif” yesterday during the #Jan25 Anger Day protest.  This video below is allegedly for the first fallen victim in the #Jan 25 Anger Day.
The victim of Suez “January 25 Anger Day”
According to the latest numbers from yesterday there were 130 injured in the general hospitals. There was a curfew imposed yesterday yet clashes exploded especially at Al Arbin square earlier today when the police refused to let the people organize a funeral for one of the victims that were killed yesterday.
People of Suez in front of the morgue
The stupidity of Egyptian security at the morgue
The Al Arbin is witnessing some sort of war, the police reportedly is using live ammunition and the citizens are using rocks and Molotov bottles. Just today another citizen of Suez is reportedly killed by the live ammunition of the security forces according to and 90 are injured according to Al Shorouk News.
The citizens have reportedly set the Arbin police station  and NDP HQ on fire , attacked physically the head of Suez Security directorate along other 3 police generals and are currently encircling the city’s morgue. The police as I hinted is using live ammunition and started to target houses and shops using tear gas grenades
Again the people of Suez are suffering from terrible economic conditions as the factories owners there started to use cheap Asian labor instead of them creating a huge unemployment problem in the city. We are speaking about thousands without a job in a city.  Suez has very strong history when it comes to fight , the IDF tried to invade the city several times and failed. Also many of the families in the Arbin quarter have roots in Upper Egypt , they do not give their rights easily.
Another thing , an important fact we all should know the army was not and has not been deployed there , the third army of Egypt is already stationed there and yes up till it is neutral and another important fact you all must know the police and CSF wear uniforms close to the army’s uniforms outside Cairo.
Here are a collection of videos in Suez yesterday and also today.
Anger Day in Suez January 25
The people of Suez January 25 ,2011
People of Suez : Down down Hosni Mubarak down
Suez , Anger day at the Arbin palace
 Update : 
  • Hafiz Salama was not injured or killed. 
  • No fatal accidents have been reported so far. 
  • No army forces have been deployed to the city. 
  • The clashes are going from bad to worse. 
  • There are thugs in the city who seized the opportunity and started looting in the city. 
  • The clashes and violence are spreading throughout the city from place to another. 
  • Protesters are reportedly encircling Al Anasri police station.
  • Here is a video of protesters or thugs setting some building on fire , this is a recent video taken from some couple ago 

  •  The people of Suez are not only angry because of unemployment but they are angry of electoral fraud that took place in the last parliamentary elections 
  • (12:19 AM) The national Egyptian TV claims that there is no curfew in any place in Egypt 
  • There is a media blockage in Suez , no one is allowed to cover anything currently happening in the city. 
  • Here is fresh photo from the city that is being under a siege from RNN 
City under fire " RNN"
  • The clashes are moving to the suburbs of the city, there is reportedly a huge cloud of tear gas grenades
  • The mobile phone networks are reportedly not working , the internet is reportedly cut from down town. 
  • Landlines are reportedly down in the city according to Al Jazeera reporter.  
  • The last thing we have heard from Suez that not less than 5000 citizens are having a sit in at the Geish street. 
  • Those who are destroying and stealing are unsurprisingly the thugs of the police !!
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  1. I am relieved to learn that the army has not been deployed yet to Suez, because there are rumors saying just that on facebook.

    I am so scared that the army will crush the protests and all will be back as it was :(

  2. ى الاستاذ حسني مبارك انتهى وقتك كفاية 30 سنة فلم تعد رئيسا
    فلن تخلد فيها فلست اله

    هل تراها دامت لاحد من قبلك؟
    حتى الفراعنة ذهبوا الى غير رجعة
    لوكان عندك ذرة من عقل باقية
    لو كان عند من حولك ذرة حب لك فل يجعلوك تعيش آخر ايام حياتك
    في سلام فلن تعيش 80 عاما أخرى
    ارحل قبل تداس بالاقدام

  3. Thank you for the update!


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