Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The photo of the day : The head of the freedoms committee

Plain clothed policemen dragging journalist Mohamed Abdel Kudous

This photo was taken earlier today at the syndication of journalists down town , there was a protest on the famous staircase. Many journalists have been arrested and dragged in this humiliating way in front of the world like journalist Mohamed Abdel Kudous , the head of the freedoms committee at the syndicate. The journalists and activists who were arrested today were transferred to the Gabal Al Ahmar camp. 
Currently there is a huge protest down town Cairo again tonight , thousands are reportedly protests and the police is attacking them violently , the people are taking refugee at malls and shops.
Here is a photo gallery for the protest down town Cairo earlier today.


  1. Thanks for your updates and great photos - please keep it up!

  2. Everyone, please be safe. I send you my love.


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