Thursday, January 27, 2011

#Jan25 : The Canal Cities Are on Fire

First Suez and now Ismailia. We called our relatives in Suez to ask them about what is currently going on and they are already living and working in the suburbs. They did not have clashes there but the situation at Down town city there was horrible last night. The situation there is still explosive. Journalists today were allowed to the city and they are reporting very violent clashes. The mobile phones and landlines are dead down town. Several Police stations were torched , more casualties are reported. The scene there was a like a war zone with dead bodies in the street and the security forces took the bodies to the hospital. The city or rather the governorate is Sidi Bou Zid officially. 

The new thing today was that protest in Ismailia where hundreds of citizens protested and encircled some police station.

Now I will live blogging in this post updates from Canal cities using cover it live to be much easier in a real time.

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  1. The world stands with the Egyptian people.
    Beware, however, the Hidden Hand is at work to bring about changes within your country that most Egyptians will be unhappy about.

    Sulieman ElBaradei is not to be trusted, his ties with the NWO are too strong. The Rothschilds are causing (through the CIA) chaos and riots in countries with old dictators to replace them with younger, softer spoken leaders.

    The people will gain a few concessions, but now the Rothschilds will be in that country by introducing their usurious banks. Once they are in a place, moral corruption on a grand scale, the death of the family, increase in sexual deviations, all occur. Just look at the United States.

    I applaud the men and women who are showing the world that the people can rise up and insist upon decent lives. My Egyptian friend is 26 and he often has spoken to me of his life and the problems even as a doctor to find work that would allow him to save for marriage.

    Best of luck and ty for some good information here.


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