Thursday, January 27, 2011

MSM on Fire : Saad to Leave National TV , El-Shazly’s speech and adeeb to bring the temple on all

The mainstream media is on fire technically in Egypt.
Popular TV host Mahmoud Saad has resigned from Egyptian national TV daily night talk show Misr Al Nahrda last night for refusing  to appear on air and to repeat the lies of the regime and to defend the MOI. Mahmoud Saad has resigned and won the respect of millions of Egyptians unlike Tamer Amin who should know that we will not forget him and the other two stooges in the show.
Mona El-Shazly gave some sort of a  speech in the beginning of her show and then in the end of the episode which discussed the situation hinted that this could be her last time on air.
Mona El-Shazly’s strange introduction
Dream TV 2 announced that tonight there will be special episode tonight “One of the people” show presented by Amr El-Lathy , the guest will be none other Emad El-Din Adeeb himself who will expose by the names the businessmen who fled the country. I feel that tonight he will have the ultimate Adeeb revenge for what happened to his ex-wife , brother and to him too. Despite being close to the presidency Emad Adeeb was under heavy attack from lousy NDP journalists like Kamal for suggesting the safe exist proposition on air directly again from couple of weeks ago on Dream TV’s morning show. I do not like Emad or his brother that much but I was angry for the crap Abdullah Kamal wrote about him and his family.
The leader of Adeeb clan called El-Shazly last night and asked her guests two questions , one of them was : What are you going to do now if you were Hosni Mubarak ? “I like Magdy El-Gald and Ghazli Herb answers”
Youm 7 is publishing in its front page words of writers and analysts calling Mubarak to step down directly !!
Youm 7
The official newspapers are still living in the lala land. Abdullah Kamal published an interview with Habib Al-Adly who is insisting that the Egyptian regime is not weak and that millions support him so bunch of thousands will not shake it !!
Tamim Al-Barghouti wrote wonderful two poems about Egypt and Tunisia in Arabic in Shorouk Newspaper today.


  1. I hope tomorrow it will shake and all Egyptians will go to the street and be as ONE not rich or poor, Muslims or Christian but ONE AS EGYPTIAN!

  2. مهما طال الليل لابد من بزوغ الفجر..الفجر ليس بعيد عنا يا شباب

  3. Hey Zeinobia, thanks for providing such excellent, timely and detailed updates. I especially like your comment about previous revolutions not needing social media! Anyway, here's a link to the blog post I just rote (hope you don't mind me quoting you!), we are all following the events in Egypt closely and keeping our fingers crossed. Stay safe!


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