Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy birthday Khaled Said

Today is the 29th birthday of late Khaled Said.
Carlos Latuff for We are all Khaled Said group 
Happy birthday Khaled Said , your blood is a curse on those who killed you thousands last year.
Happy birthday Khaled Said , you are the Mohamed Abou Azizi of Egypt


  1. bravo pour le peuple egyptien courage et vive la démocratie!

  2. May Khaled's soul rest in peace!
    Wish he saw Egypt today where ever Masri is out on the streets to take back their motherland, what he stood for too.

    And I am so proud to have called Egypt the country I view right next to my own homeland and held it close to my heart.

    Victory will be with you inshAllah!

    Prayers from Pakistan!

  3. Happy Birthday Khaled, you will always be in our hearts.. This revolution is for you Khaled and you Said Bilal and you Shabaan Ahmed and to all the victims of Mubarak's regime. Always in our Hearts forever in our thoughts.

    Rest in peace my brothers.


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