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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Questions Should be Asked Now

Last 1st of January Egypt woke up on an awful nightmare in Alexandria that despite its shocking nature , it brought the whole nation together ,  the victims are not those 100 from the dead and alive but rather the 80 million Egyptians living around the world. This is why we need to ask some questions now , we must ask them even though we may not get an answer.
  1. Why has not anyone group claimed responsibility of this awful attack ?
  2. What kind of explosion or how did the explosion happen or how many explosives were used  ? The official version says it was a suicide bomber while eye witnesses say it was a car where as some security experts say there are at least two bombs used ‘check Sawt Al Oma last week’
  3. Why did the Forensics finish their work so quickly that after 10 days they have to go back to the church to collect evidence !!? Why could not they do their work as they should from the first place !!? I know that any evidence in the scene  or the street could have been destroyed thanks to the chaos happened after the bombing and the clashes that took place that night between angry Christian protesters and the security forces but I do not understand the logic of cleaning the whole scene after 24 hours so a TV show would be aired with a couch , table and two seats for the guests destroying all evidence in the area !!? According to my humble knowledge based on CSI TV franchise and Hollywood movies , this is a crime scene that should be sealed for public for a whole week.
  4. Why did not the forensics and the detectives search the roofs of the church and the Mosque !!?? From coupe of days only we discover that there are human remains on the roof of the Mosque resulted from the explosion !!?
  5. Did the Police ask the people in the street if they notice any stranger passing by several times prior to the attack !!? I assume the planner and also the executor of the bombing came before to take a look and study the area.
  6. Did the police and the forensics took the components of the bomb and search its origin for real !!? Yes it was made of nails and other metal stuff which can be bought from any shop or assembled from car components but knowing their origin can be very helpful !!
  7. Why were there so many leaks in the press in the past few days with no crazy details no child can believe which later proven to be faked ?
  8. Did the MOI reach to anything from the Salafists it arrested in the past days and tortured them to death like Bilal ??
  9. Has the MOI reached to any solid lead for real ?
  10. As the first threat to the church was from abroad , Can we dare and imagine the GIS has a role in this important investigation !?
These questions as I said will be answered because if they are answered we will find ourselves in front of an urgent need to have a radical change in the MOI aside from the severe accountability that can end the career of many generals in Alex and Cairo plus the mighty State security, here I am speaking about the simple investigative mindset of police officer.
I can’t understand the fact that no one has claimed a freaking responsibility for this huge attack , I can’t understand the fact that the mighty MOI that fought  bloody war with terrorism in Egypt throughout the 1990s has lost its tough when it is so much needed now !!?  Habib Al Adly has been the MOI since the 1997 for God sake !!
Is there a new terrorist religious group in the block the MOI can’t see in its radar !!??
Are we in front of a helter skelter anarchic group led by Egyptian hat wants a war between Muslims and Christians as the new fashion in the Mediterranean is anarchic groups and this is why the MOI with its old fashion mindset has not got it yet !!? pardon me I am still recovering from strong flu.
Is there a team in the regime itself behind the attack in order to hit the other majority regime team just like what is happening in Algeria !!?
Is it a foreign intelligence game “not only the Mossad” but all those who envy Egypt for all her achievements in every freaking field like Safwat Al Sharif says !!?
Shall I go even further and speak about the theory  of radical Christian abroad role like Dr. Hassan Nafaa as they seem gain popularity from the attack ?If the basic questions are not answered , everybody will have his own crazy theory.
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