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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tunisia : A moment of History

Do you follow what is happening currently in Tunisia ?? You do not , then you are missing a lot.
Forget about the Lebanese government ,forget about the South Sudan , even forget about Egypt for now because we are now in front of a history making moment. The Tunisians.
Currently there is a revolution in Tunis, the capital , thousands are protesting in front of the ministries and central bank demanding Ben Ali to step down immediately. The clashes in the capital are violent and yet the people are not giving up nor they are deceived by Ben Ali’s tricks. Just from few hours Ben Ali announced that he sacked the current government and will call for parliamentary.  The state of emergency has been announced through out the country and a curfew will imposed from 7 PM to 5 AM. “Unlikely to stop the clashes and protests”

There are clashes between the security forces that have gone crazy and the the people who can’t anymore , there is chaos through out the country no doubt in this.
There are unconfirmed news that the journalists have taken over the official national TV. “TV 7 is still praising Ben Ali” Speaking about TV strangely and unexpectedly the National Egyptian TV is covering the revolution amazingly !! All the Arab world citizens are watching with admiration their Tunisian brothers especially Egypt.
Thomas Cook has started to evacuate 3,300 British tourists from the country immediately. The main airport in Tunis is currently under the protection of the army. There are rumors that some of the regime men have managed to flee the country while there is a strong rumor repeated by eye witnesses that the army stopped some VIP from leaving the country. “Mostly from the Trabelsi clan”  Update : according to Al Jazeera  and France 24 the army has full control of the airport and closed the airspace. Al Hurra TV : Has reported that there were clashes at the airport and that Ben Ali tried to flee the country 
The ambassador of Tunisia to the UNESCO Mezri Haddad has resigned from his post. You can read his strong letter of resignation here in French.

I am proud that I have covered this revolution , the jasmine revolution since the start. Now I beg to all Arab conspiracy theorists and also to all those loyal journalists who get paid to publish these paid ads about the achievements of Ben Ali to stop repeating that this is a Zionist American scheme for chaos and to the end of this nonsense. Ben Ali had relations with Israel , Ben Ali used Israeli weapons against his own people
Update : 
TV 7 announced to the Tunisian people that there will be a very important announcement sooner , up till now there is nothing. According to all speculations it will be the announcement of a coup d'eta.
Al Jazeera announced that the head of the Tunisian parliament will announce that he would rule the country for the next 60 days
The army has arrested 6 members of the Trabelsi clan in the airport
Photos from the protest at the MOI of Tunisia today from the amazing Nawaat 
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  1. الف مبروك
    بن علي هرب

    و مبروك علي تغطية متميزة للاحداث

  2. Their mission still not accomplished! May Allah be with you:)

  3. This was a CIA coup.

    Ben Ali made Tunisia prosperous and successful, but he fell out with Israel and the Council on Foreign relations, so he was toppled.

    Now Tunisia will suffer from lack of European investment and lack of tourists.

    The CIA will arrange for the Saudis to make Tunisia more feudal, Islamist, backward and easy to control.

    Unemployment and poverty will increase.

    Look what happened then the CIA toppled the Shah and Suharto. Misery followed.

  4. Last anon
    You are so full of it your eyes are brown.

  5. I would like to hear about these historic events from a Sudanese perspective.

  6. @Jason
    Are you in a mood for a long lecture?
    You shit disturber.

  7. @Anonymous 1/15/2011 07:36:00 PM

    Typical Egyptian chauvinist imperialist. Why shouldn't the soon-to-be free citizens of the Nile Valley Republic, who have much in common with the free citizens of Tunisia, have their own perspective, different from the Egyptian one? Go watch some lowbrow Egyptian comedy with blackface actors portraying Sudanese. Join Muhammed Ali Pasha in hell.

  8. @Jason: there is a name for wt u r trying to stirr here and it aint nice. Im sure ur country is waiting to exploit the Southern free Sudanese. We all knw the Western powers dnt support causes bec they are fair but bec of how it will benefit them.


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