Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News : A real Coup D'état this time in Tunisia “Updated”

Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking News : A real Coup D'état this time in Tunisia “Updated”

Ok this time it is true according to Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya , sources from Tunisia based on military sources
The army has seized full control of the country.
Ben Ali has departed the country at 5 PM along with his family and his wife's family.
According to the constitution the president of the chamber of deputies of Tunisia Fouad Mebazaa.
I am so moved , really moved.
The first statement of the new government has been announced by Mohamed Ghannouchi, the former prime minister of the country, he will be heading Tunisia temporarily. Fouad Mebazaa has reportedly declined to rule the country temporarily
Ben Ali is reportedly headed to Malta under Libyan protection. This unclear video shows a plane believed to be the one he took to Malta.
Update :
  • Sarkozy is having an urgent meeting about what is happening in Tunisia.
  • According to France 24 Ben Ali is heading to Paris , already Malta denied that the country will host him.
  • Now what happened above could be a charade by Ben Ali considering the violation of constitution that took place. The Tunisians are promising to stay in the street to get rid from the Ben Ali's part and his regime forever.
  • The Tunisian ambassador in Cairo says that he has not receive anything from the ministry of foreign affairs.
  • There was also a small protest held today in front of the Tunisian embassy in Cairo from few hours , activists chanted anti-Mubarak slogans reminding him with Ben Ali's fate.
  • Doha issued the first official Arabic reaction : It respects the will of Tunisian people.
  • Up till now the airplane of Ben Ali has not landed in any country , now there is a rumor saying that he is heading to some Gulf country "either UAE to Dubai or Qatar to Doha , I think Doha because there are strong relations between Qatar and France"
  • It is Doha
  • According to Sources the in laws of Ben Ali are arrested and currently in jail.
  • Obama has issued a statement about the revolution of Tunisia , it is so lame and so late. 
  • The latest rumor : Ben Ali has reached Saudi Arabia , the Saudi citizens are already angry 
  • The Tunisians are protesting currently the disrespect to their constitution. 
  • Ben Ali is said to be currently in Italy but for fuel !
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  1. Congratulations Tunis :)
    Like I said before, the army in our part of the world has to have a role for any revolution to succeed.
    With my all due respect to Mohamed ElBaradei, his call for civil disobedience is not enough to topple our ruthless and brutal dictatorship in Egypt.

  2. I was watching Aljazeera for once with tears of joy instead of pain, but now I am starting to get worried. After all their sacrifices this can not get stolen away from them!

  3. I'm tunisian and i'm proud to be a tunisian woman to day. We succeeded, and we did it alone, without USA, without France, and without any another occidental liers, we were alone, nobody trusted we were able to do it.
    To day, noone in this world can give us any lesson, we gave a lesson to Clinton, Sarkozy and all the dictators of this world
    We are a people who gets 30000 years of history and carthage was one of the first city in the world. Our revolution to day has been a high level of civism

  4. @ shukran Hazem you reminded me to say Mabrouk first. Really I do not have the right to be pessimistic. Shukran lil twansa, aradtum alhaya wa istajab al qadr but incidentally you have taught all of us a lesson. It is an honour to watch Al Shabi's words coming true for the second time in his homeland, but there are harsh words for the rest of us in his poem

    ومن لا يحب صعود الجبال يعش ابد الدهر بين الحفر

  5. I don't think he'll land in Malta, France or Libya are more likely. There was no Coup d'etat in Tunisia, it's a 100% people's revolution, whatever powers the army has assumed is only out of their responsibility after the shitbag left.

    Hazem, it's a lesson for Baradei and the likes calling for reforms within the system'constitution' which can be changed and fiddled with anyway the shithead wants.

    You don't call for reforms within a corrupted dictatorship, you seize your rights and that's wot happened in Tunisia. There is no CIA meddling there, the USA is indifferent about Tunisia because it's not olive oil what interests them.

  6. A real Coup D'état this time in Tunisia? you mean a real revolution? the only one in the middle East modern history....

  7. This was a CIA coup.

    Ben Ali made Tunisia prosperous and successful, but he fell out with Israel and the Council on Foreign relations, so he was toppled.

    Now Tunisia will suffer from lack of European investment and lack of tourists.

    The CIA will arrange for the Saudis to make Tunisia more feudal, Islamist, backward and easy to control.

    Unemployment and poverty will increase.

    Look what happened then the CIA toppled the Shah and Suharto. Misery followed.

  8. The last comment on this article

    shows the Ambassador to UNESCO Mezri Haddad who's resignation letter is being praised on twitter was an especially SICK gov propagandist just a few days ago. Claims there were suicide bombers following orders of islamists. Ridiculous stuff that really works if u look not just at early reactions of western govs and media to the 'riots and chaos', but the readers comments even today. No wonder all Arab govs use it. Bas now we know that if we are willing to pay the high price for freedom western demonization means nothing.

    Can't believe Tunisians are still not willing to obey curfew orders - they are heroes to all of us from the Atlantic to the Gulf. I am enjoying listening to Ajazeera's updates on Ben Ali: going to Libya no malta no france no the gulf no...latest is italy but may just be a stop over. I can't bear to leave my Aljazeera, but for once instead of

    بتبص في الساعة وخايف نشرة الأخبار تفوت علشان تشوف
    ع الشاشة ناس في العالم العربي تموت

    repplace te last word with تتحر....although plenty have died to achieve this

  9. Alhamdullilah. have great respect for the Tunisian people for their courage and bravery to toppled the dictator leader and enuf is enuf for being slaved to that regime! Now in the news that Saudi have accepted Ben Ali and this is not the first time before they accepted Idi Amin another dictator from Uganda!

  10. This could be the first Twitter
    revolution ever initiated by the freedom loving Tunisians.
    Hope this technology becomes the tool for all freedom lovers around the world.
    The Canadian.

  11. @Z: this is a revolution not a coupe de tat, a coupe de tat is wt we had in Egypt.
    Also, it aint over yet and fm twitter the police esp state security are looting the country but the army seems to be the one protecting the ppl and places.

  12. Congratultion Tunesia.This is the fire of real Maghrebpeople.We kicked the french in the historie and ,now kicked the Puppetdictator.Next will be Bouteflicka

  13. Allehamdullilah zat tunisia is free now....and may allah help u guys to build better tunisia and future life for all of u....from ethiopian girl!!!

  14. The Tunisian people are very brave to risk so much for freedom... NOT US-style 'freedom' that has destroyed Iraq. Keep the US out of this, keep the CIA out, do not accept any US-'help'. You do not need it, as you have shown. I lived with you, loved you, and never so much have I loved you as now. The hearts and souls of all good people are with Tunisia today, from California Woman.


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