Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twitter And Facebook Are blocked Again !! "Updated"

I can’t open twitter directly nor the Facebook again from TE Data network , other internet users are reporting the same using different ISP.
Blackberry users are reporting as well that the Blackberry Messenger “BBM” is currently blocked in Egypt according to security reasons.
Update : 

  • News that twitter and Facebook are back "highly doubtful as I can't get access to them directly. 
  • SMS service is completely down in Egypt , SMS is currently dead in all networks 
  • There is unconfirmed news that BBM is back , I am not sure yet 
  • Strong rumor that ISPs in Egypt got orders that to pull the plug on internet all day long tomorrow insh Allah.


  1. Also, no FB, no Twitter and not even with my iPhone 3G. Also, rumors of demos here in my neighborhood tomorrow.

  2. Any proxy can be used...just google "proxy"

    I personally prefer

  3. This is my revange fore this rotten regime,i w17 :10 ElBaradei offers to lead a transitional government in the upcoming period in case the regime falls New17 :01 Human Rights Watch fears Egyptian army may open fire at protestors New16 :58 Exchange of fire in Suez between civilians and security forces New16 :55 Regime imposes a 5:30pm curfew in Suez New16 :35 Egypt records 64 billion Egyptian pounds loss in stock market New16 :29 Egyptian stocks plummet amid unrest16 :20 Baqous in Alexandria witnesses skirmishes and vicious attacks against protestors16 :14 Ismaleya witnesses violent clashes between forces and protestors16 :09 ElBaradei confirms his participation in Fridays nationwide protests16 :03 Business Tyccons affected by Egypt's economic crash 15 :58 Prosecutor General orders release of 87 activists detained during protests15 :57 Ministry spokesman Dr. Magdy Rady denies gov't blocked twitter and FB15 :55 Security forces use live bullets against protestors15 :54 Sinai reports first fatality15 :52 Demonstrations underway in Ramses Square15 :50 Thousands of protestors assemble in Nasr City15 :43 MB promises strong presence in Friday demonstrations13 :25 Investigating and questioning of protestors continue in Abdeen in North and South Cairo13 :19 Interior Minister Egypt's uprise was expected however system is not pushover13 :17 2000 secret police dispersed among protesting crowds 13 :15 Day three and demonstrations continue in Cairo in front of Journalists Syndicate and Talat Harb Square

    ill help you..

  4. I just accessed Twitter via a search on Tweetdeck and through advice on Twitter was able to get onto FB (

  5. In today's Rosa Al-Youssef column, Mohamed El Naschie again calls for Egypt to censor the Internet.

  6. I'm an American, born and bred, and was searching for a place to post a comment of encouragement to the Egyptian People in this hour of what I hope is true freedom and change.
    Because of our Constitution, we have never seen dictatorship. Most know, we all vote every 4 years for a new President, and he can only serve 2 terms. There is no exception. I know this makes the U.S. look fickle sometimes, always seeming to change it's mind, or who our government supports, but it's just democracy, and revolving leadership. The average, everyday American is just like everyone else in the world. We work, we love, we pray, we do our best... just like you.
    I know many join me in giving you our prayers and concern, and wish the best for you. I know no one in Egypt, but you are my friends, and brothers and sisters on this rock in space. We need to look out for each other. I am my brother's keeper.
    Kalen Lake (USA)

  7. Do you think there is any chance Mubarak will step down? If President Obama were to demand that he do so, would he pay any attention? Not that I expect that to happen, but it might be possible to put a lot of pressure on Obama. After all, he did just state USA "supports the democratic aspirations of all people." He was referring to the people of Tunisia, but the repression of dissent in Egypt is embarrassing him, at least enough to hint that aid to Egypt might be cut off.

  8. I salut my Egyptian brothers and sisters for your glorious protest against the terrible MOUBARAK dictatur of your country, I am an old Algerian partisan (Moujahid)the 25 January suppose to be my birthday. I hope you will use in curfew time and at done the YOUYOU arabe, in arabic (ZAGHARIT). MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU AND GIVE YOU VICTORY...........Tewfik

  9. I salut my Egyptian brothers and sisters for your glorious protest against the terrible MOUBARAK dictatur of your country, I am an old Algerian partisan (Moujahid)the 25 January suppose to be my birthday. I hope you will use in curfew time and at done the YOUYOU arabe, in arabe (ZAGHARIT). MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU AND GIVE YOU VICTORY

  10. From America. . .can't say I support or agree with everything on your blog, but I am behind the will of the Egyptian people. I contacted my congressmen and told them I wanted the U.S. to stand down. It's the best I can do. Good luck to you! I hope you get what you want--an authentically elected Egyptian government--without too much bloodshed.

  11. Social networking sites like Facebook allow people to share information and create 'interest groups'. They should be more aware of their use. facebook blocked


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