Thursday, January 27, 2011

#Jan 25 : The Suez Siege 2011

In 1973 Suez city was under a brutal siege thanks to the Israeli IDF yet the city stood up to the invaders and kicked their asses like never before in an amazing way , now in 2011 the Suez city is yet again under a brutal siege thanks to the Mubarak regime. There are food and medicine shortage in the city thanks to the security siege. There has not been a full list yet or a real count for the victims fallen among the civilians , officially 4 people have been killed in the past 24 hours and dozens were injured. The death toll in the city is now 7. More protesters are detained and actually what it increases the clashes is that the detainees’ families demand their release in front of the Governorate building.
Here is the newest video I found from the city uploaded from two hours ago.
Pillars of smokes in the city of Suez.
Also another video earlier for something like a war zone !!
Angry young people in Suez
Here are photos from the City from few hours ago from Reuters and AP.

I am sorry I could not continue updating the previous post as I am an old school blogger , till makes something for live blogging I will stick to the old way despite its slow speed.
According to some sources to Al Jazeera 61 officer and solider have been injured today in Suez.
Here are two photos from there earlier today , they show the size of protests.

  • It is 11:22 PM CLT , all sources say that the police and security forces have failed in controlling the public anger in the city. 
  • Mubarak has order the governor of the Suez General Seif El-Din Galal to calm down the citizens !! 
  • It is worth to mention that the citizens of Suez do not want that general as their governor and they formed this civil movement last year "We do not want you" to express their refusal to him. The governorate suffered from a lot of neglect in his time 
  • One of the main demands of the citizens is another governor. Our governors not elected but rather appointed 
  • The citizens have torched the city council.
  • The citizens took control of some factory in Al Arbin 


  1. You have friends in America:

  2. All my sympathy to the Egyptian people. I hope your transition to true democracy will not cost too many lives. Zeinobia, your contribution to that goal is invaluable.

  3. Zeinobia, where are you? Are you OK? It has been hours since your last post. Things are happening very fast. ElBaradei is reported under house arrest. Many sources expect Mubarak to fall imminently.

  4. Sudanese Observer1/28/2011 08:56:00 PM

    I've spoken on many occasions where I've been attacked for being a 'troll' etc...

    Anyway I couldn't stay silent at this time.

    Mine (and those of my fellow Sudanese commentators) thoughts are with the Egyptian people.

    It is very strange seeing the images and the unrest.

    We wish the Egyptian people the very best, in spite of any differences we have.

  5. My Dear Zeinobia,

    I have refrained from commenting recently but the current turmoil gives me some hope that a truly democratic solution might be found in Egypt. I have commented before on the idealism of the young during the Iranian revolution and you must not let it happen in Egypt. The MB must not prevail. If they do Egyptians will suffer the same fate as those Iranian idealists who for their bravery in confronting the Shah now suffer under a repressive theocracy. You should note that these same repressive leaders are overjoyed at the possible retirement of Mubarak. Freedom and liberty will never exist under such rulers.

    By the way you have often criticized FOXNEWS but their coverage of the current situation in Egypt has been extremely fair and balanced.

    Salaam Alayekum

  6. Dear Zeinobia,

    Although we don't see eye-to-eye on many things, I wish you safety through the rough times ahead, and may you see a change for the better soon.


  7. Hope you're OK and safe!?

  8. Hi Zeinobia,
    I'm a french blogger (excuse my poor english), i made an article & a link to your blog, i just wanna said you we support you all, all egyptians you deserve a better government, a better future, and you've got the courage to write it, to manifest it, to risk dying for it... We all europeans have the chance to exprim our opinions, we got freedom of speech, but i think sometimes, we dont measure our chance... youth in france is so apolitical, filled up with consumption society... I would just like to say to you : courage, stay determinate, dont give up, i dont know you personnaly, but i understand you, and I admire what you are doing now...

    best wishes to you, take care of you

    christophe, from france

  9. Hope you're OK and Safe?!

  10. Hi Zenobia,

    good luck with what you are doing.

    Just a hint of who reads your blog - thoght you might be interested.

    A Wikileaks cable contains this:

    In the early morning hours of February 17, police arrested three "April 6" activists as they were driving in Cairo. "April 6" leader Ahmed Salah told us police detained fellow leader Ahmed Maher and two members, and subsequently released one of the members. Salah noted that the group had been spray painting political graffiti around Cairo welcoming El-Baradei and criticizing the GOE. The "Egyptian Chronicles" blog posted a photo February 17 of wall graffiti attributed to the activists saying, "Mubarak's regime is over, support the change, support El-Baradei's candidacy."

  11. Zeinobia, I miss you! Why is the internet down at this important time? Well, I know why, but I wish it wasn't - I am so dying to hear your point of view on the amazing events of this past week.

    Hope you are safe and well; not long to go now - Egyptians are doing an amazing job.


  12. افتقدناكم جميعا والله يعدي امورنا كلها على خير يارب


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