Egyptian Chronicles: Confessions of criminals : The police set us free !!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Confessions of criminals : The police set us free !!

These videos below show the criminals whom were set free by the orders of Habib El-Adly on January 28th and 29th to create chaos and fear in the society. There is no logic what so ever that thousands of prisoners in prisons across Egypt escape in this way knowing how strong our prison system is. There is no logic what so ever that hundreds of dangerous thugs arrested in police stations to escape and take weapons like that ,in fact it is insulting because as far as I know the police officers should stop them even if it cost them their life.
The only real police officer who gave his life for the sake of the country and tried to stop the prisoners from escape is general Mohamed El-Batran. FYI General Mohamed El- Batran , the chief of detectives of the prison sector went to Fayoum prison Friday January 28th when he knew that there was a mutiny and disturbance there , he solved the matter and things were settled down and returned back to Cairo. On January 29th there was a disturbance in Abi Saabal prison and thus the general went where he was killed.
The murder of general El-Batran is so strange because I do not understand how the other officers in the prison did not stop the murder of the general nor did they kill the one who killed him , let’s agree our officers are not human rights activists !!
There is something that I actually do not understand in Abi Zaabal prison and what happened on January 29 , as earlier the officers opened their fire on the prisoners and killed a group of them so how thousands of prisoners kicked the officers’ asses and escaped so easily taking weapons and vehicles !!
This video was filmed by one of the Palestinian prisoners who escaped and allegedly is currently in Gaza. “Graphic”
Abi-Zaabal prison guards kill political detainees
This video can help us in understanding the puzzle.
One of the Abi Zabaal runaway prisoners
  • The name of that prisoner is Ali Abdel Rahman Abu Zaid , he was staying at Abi Zabaal prison no.1.
  • Mr. Abdel Rahman woke up at his cell on the sound of gun fire , he knew that an officer called Ashraf Shukry was shot down by a shotgun.
  • Till 5 PM there were gun shots sounds all over the place. He heard that some people “about 500” came to liberate the prisoners. They looked Arabs and they had guns regular criminals do not know how to use. They looked so trained.
  • When that group came , the police withdrew and left the prison. Abdel Rahman believes that there was an agreement between the police and that group.
  • The members of this group were wearing waist bags , the same exact waist bags used by CSF !! This group ordered the prisoners to leave the prison and forced those prisoners who did not leave their cells to leave.
  • Outside the prison they were very fine private cars that were drove by men who seemed to be from the government. There were two men each car and they took 2 from each prisoners giving them weapons. Trucks came to take prisoners with weapons.
  • This was documented in video
Here are videos showing criminals and runaways confessing on how the officers at Abi Zabaal prison told him to escape. He is not from Cairo and that is why he got a strange accent. The skeptics believe that this is a fake video because of the accent but you will see that the one who filmed the clip is Egyptian and the soldier who appeared briefly in the clip is Egyptian.
A confession of thug from Abi Zaabal
  • The Police officers were preparing the prisoners that they would be set free since January 25
  • prisoners were set free from Abi Zaabal by the police officers who told them they are free to do whatever they want in the country. They even gave them cars and guns with ammunition.
  • The prisoners were set free from Azbakia police station and Al Mataria police station ‘in Cairo’ by their sheriffs themselves. Both police stations
  • The thugs were released in order to attack the protesters and citizens.
If you do not believe this video , here is another one.
Now this video shows showing prisoners at detention center of Etay El-Barod, Bahira governorate escaping. I know that there could be officers in the video because I hear the prisoners calling them “Pasha”. The man who was filming the video was ordering the prisoners to head to their home as soon as possible because the General intelligence is in the street !!!!!!!!
Ok these videos do not show actually real evidence for police involvement in the escape of prisoners , well here is an evidence , the video was filmed somewhere outside Cairo because the CSF soldiers are wearing Khaki.
The CSF protecting the prisoners in their escape !!

Now where is Habib El Adly ?? or where was Habib Al Adly ?? What happened to him ?
El-Adly has not appeared since January 25th and he seemed to be vanished even after the decision of travel ban and his bank account freeze. According to Sawt Al Oma Habib Al Adly was detained by the army since Friday and was staying in some armored vehicle.
Well with my all due respect to the sources of Sawt Al Oma but according to my sources Habib Al Adly was hiding in the ministry at Lazoughli , I am sure it were on January 28th or 29th where was huge clashes and snipers shot down protesters who tried to break in to the infamous building of MOI. He brought all the officers and big ranks to protect him including the small officers who used to protect the AUC  buildings suddenly disappeared. While the protesters were being killed by his snipers suddenly Al-Adly left so the building and his officers to unknown destination. The car or the vehicle he took went too fast that ran over the foot of police and hit two women in the street !!
Does this ring a ball ??
White diplomatic van hits people
I could not know what kind of vehicle it was yet it would be very easy for Al-Adly and his state security to get diplomatic numbers and pretend  that this a diplomatic van. Already the U.S state of department said that some of the U.S embassy in Cairo vans were stolen , who can actually steal vans !! In fact again this could be an Egyptian van that turned in to diplomatic van at the MOI or State security HQ. In this circumstance Al-Adly would be in need to security team with him in the car and the car would be strong enough without any windows , the van seemed to be a prefect choice.
El-Adly is currently under house arrest in his villa in October which I believe at the Police city at Shiekh Ziad if I am not mistaken.
Before I finish this post , I must share with you these documents we found circulating online about the MOI’s plan to sabotage our protests. We have not been able to authenticate to be fair yet this plan is exactly what happened on the 28th and 29th starting from communication blockage ,sudden withdrawal and thugs terrorizing the country.
From RNN
From RNN
I must draw your attention that several police stations and State security HQ were torched and destroyed , so these documents could be real.
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  1. Amazing story Zeinobia ! Mind boggling and plausible ! FromJoanne

  2. this is the most ugly regime of traitors is like cancer ,it has to be cut completely from its roots.ALLAH BLESS OUR NATION,WE WILL PREVAIL.

  3. I have been watching what I can via our news outlets in the U.S., but the view of the people provides far more truth. I thank you for providing first hand information about what is going on in Egypt.

    As a U.S. citizen I would like to apologize to you, your fellow Egyptians and your revolutionaries that had to pay the highest price...their life, so that I and my fellow country-people can have a higher standard of living at a lower cost. It seems that our "All About Me" mentality has cost us to lose our belief in freedom for all people. We would rather impose military and economic might so that we can feel safe while watching our 500 channel universe regardless of what boot is put on the necks of the people of the world. To echo Chris Matthews, "I am ashamed to be an American." :( I can only hope that we are inspired by your people to stand up to our leaders and demand an end to dictator subsidies. Even if it costs a little more, we will just have to learn we can't have it all and that the freedom of all people is more important.

    May your god deliver you from the hands of oppression and in to the land of freedom.
    I pray to my god Usen for the success and safety of your people.

    I would love to hear how you and the following revolutionaries feel about being leaders in the first digital revolution.


    My respect, honor, love, prayers are with all of you.

    I'd like to leave you with a quote from an elder named Luther Standing Bear: "when a man(Mubarak) fears the forest(people), he will want to control the forest(people), and what(who) he can’t control, he will want to destroy."


    1. wow.. i just saw this response... you gave me hope that we still are important in a world that has tried so hard to push us aside..

  4. @Z
    I would like your audience to share Wael Abbas's site where he displays bank documents showing is $620 BILLION in the name of Mubarak.
    If this is true, he will make Bernie Madoff look like a petty thief. history.

  5. As a U.S. citizen I would like to apologize to you, your fellow Egyptians and your revolutionaries that had to pay the highest price...their life, so that I and my fellow country-people can have a higher standard of living at a lower cost.

    As an American I would like to say that seeing that degree of self-loathing from another American makes me want to puke. If you've got any other nationalities available to you, I'd like to suggest you take advantage of them and forget you ever were an American. You'll be much happier. And so will we, your fellow" Americans.

  6. very good info Z. cant believe this is done by the regime!! so dirty and willing to kill your own people for mubarak!!! if you go down to Medan Tahrir dont forget to bring food and drinks for those there! May Allah swt bless and protect and give victory to anti-mubarak protesters in MT!! i pray that 80 million Egyptians will go down the street and ask mubarak to step down!!!

  7. Programmer Craig it is not self-loathing it is just speaking the truth. It seems that you can't accept the facts, must be hard way to live with yourself.

    After having Nam brought to my living room this is my nationality. As an Apache may I suggest that if you don't like the truth you can leave Turtle Island.

    I am glad my father(Nam)and Grandfathers(Korea/WW2) fought for your right to voice your opinions. I'll let them know you are making them proud by exercising that right.

    Mitauye Oyasin

  8. ch0l0man, you can call it whatever you like but it remains what it is. I've been reading Arab blogs for almost a decade now. You know how many times I've seen an Arab apologize for 9/11? ZERO. Why not? Because they don't think it's their job to apologize for their whole society, or for what individuals do.

    But you? Yes. You do feel it's necessary to supplicate yourself - personally - to people because of wrongs you feel your country or your culture did to others. If that's sincere on your part then the only way to describe it is self-loathing. And if it's not sincere then you're it's an attempt to discredit your country/culture which would make it an expression of hate - against your own. Neither one is a very appealing character trait, but that's on you isn't it?

    And what does your ancestry or your family's military service have to do with anything? Are you trying to prove you are better than other Americans? I don't want to accuse you of SELF-LOATHING but that's usually the root cause of people placing an irrational amount of worth on their ethnicity or their ancestry, you know.

    Not that I'm a psychologist or anything, but dude... try not to be so overt, at least?

  9. I'm glad to hear there was at least one REAL police officer. I hope and pray his death was not in vain. This kind of information should certainly strengthen everyone in their resolve for Mubarak to go. Now if only our government would see it...

  10. SELF-LOATHING is hating one-self, sorry I don't hate myself, but I accept that I have benefited at the cost of others. As a respectable human I would like to right that wrong, but first it must be acknowledged and accept, not brushed under the rug.

    What does it matter if Arabs don't apologize for 911. I don't do things because others do or don't do. I do what I feel is right.

    I don't have to attempt to discredit my nation/culture they have done it all by themselves.

    Why did I list my families military history, to indicate that I have every right to say and do as a please. My ancestry is to indicate that I was here long before the invasion and conquest by Europeans, Mexicans and Americans.
    I list wasn't in indication I was better, that thought came from your own mind. Maybe you should ask yourself why your thoughts went there...remember it is never what someone says that gets you mad it is what is in your mind that does that.

    Overt is a good thing it means I am being open, nothing wrong with that. I guess maybe I shouldn't say that Americans waged biological warfare on my people by giving them blankets with smallpox, that might be a little overt for weak minded people to accept.

    Truth shall set you and for those that can't accept hurts.

  11. thanks for this information. I wish I could understand Arabic to try to figure out this this story better. Here are more pieces of information to consider in this story.

    The diplomatic vehicles belonged to Americans.

    It's important to find out who the political prisoners that were killed in the prisons. They might have been killed to cover up direct evidence for US complicity with Egypt in Torture and rendition and human rights violations going back to the Clinton era. (The police were also seen unravelling video tapes into a hole in the ground which was filled with cement)

    Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama sent Frank Wisner, a CIA fixer to negotiate with Mubarak. He was recalled as soon as violence broke out.
    (could he have been advising this prison massacre/ prison breakout strategy?)
    The real Political Envoy was pushed aside.
    To see what he has been up to see here, and do a find on this page for Wisner:
    Frank G. Wisner is a very dirty hand, and so was his father.
    He was on the ground on Jan 31, but was called home as soon as the violence started.

    I'll write a blog post and let you know about it. Thanks for the information.

  12. programmer craig said...

    ch0l0man, you can call it whatever you like but it remains what it is. I've been reading Arab blogs for almost a decade now. You know how many times I've seen an Arab apologize for 9/11? ZERO. Why not? Because they don't think it's their job to apologize for their whole society, or for what individuals do.

    Perhaps they don't apologize because they're part of the vast majority who don't buy the official govt conspiracy theory. Assuming your nom de plume has some validity, I would expect logical thought would bring at least some of the numerous inconsistencies to your attention.

    From your response should we also assume your ignorance of the massive US support of 30 years of Egyptian dictatorship for the benefit of Israel?

  13. Zenobia, Fantastic, well done, allahu ykhallik, I will spread the word wherever I can. Don't stop, however long it takes, Egypt will be free

  14. I am curious HOW did a prisoner get a camera?????

  15. How come my post did not show??? Is this fake comments or what??? I asked where did a prisoner get a camera??? I don't think the people who set them free gave it to him. Plus I saw other prisoners say family members set them free and different group like Hezbollah and Ham-mas???

  16. @programmer craig - You are being too doctrinaire. I don't agree with you. Many patriotic Americans (inc. Arab-Americans) don't like some of the policies of the past. Supporting dictators was always going to be a losing proposition, if it means the enslavement of millions for many years. This is what Assad is finding out, and the Dictatorship in Tehran. Its not wrong to point out this error in thinking.

    As far as the issue of the MOI fomenting chaos with their plans. It seems to show there are people in Egyptian society who would prefer to see the country break down than share power. Its obvious this was one of their strategies to defeat the protests.


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