Sunday, February 6, 2011

The # Jan25 Al Tahrir Song

What I love in #Jan25 revolution is its simplicity , it is simple , so simple as all Egyptians erupted demanding Mubarak and his regime to step down with no comprises what so ever.

As the #Jan25 revolution is simple yet so meaningful so is the the #Jan25 Al Tahrir song.

The #Jan25 Al Tahrir song

The #Jan25 Al Tahrir song is composed by one of the protesters at Al Tahrir square where he is staying there. The song’s lyrics are so simple , they are the slogans and chants we repeat in Al Tahrir like : “depart, depart” , “We will not leave , he leaves” and of course “ The people wants to down the regime”

The song is played from time to time in Al Tahrir and it is wonderful.

By the way there will be no place for singers like Tamer Hosni , Amr Diab who fled the country to Dubai , Amr Mustafa , Hamda Halal and Mohamed Fouad insh Allah in the new Egypt , they lost their connection with the people. Mohamed Pasha Fouad said that he will leave if Mubarak leaves and Tamer Hosni after justifying the use of live ammunition against protesters has sobbed like a little girl insisting that Mubarak is his father !!

I know that we should not do a blacklist for those who are attacking  us  now during the revolution but I feel that those singers must be banned from singing for a whole year to see how it feels to live without your voice to be heard freely. “Of course I believe most if not all of them will suffer in that year as they are all rich”


  1. Great song ! I so want to be there in Tahrir Sq with you Egyptians to share this great atmosphere of freedom and tolerance, best wishes from a tunisian brother o/
    PS : have you please a list of the songs (especially old patriotic ones) played in Tahrir Sq ?

  2. No, don't ban them. Let them sing - and ignore them! To people that live by vanity to be ignored is much more hurtful.

  3. You have my support and prayers that you will not have to fight much longer for your independence from Mubarak.

    I am an American woman, and from the news broadcast's here, I can see that we americans are hated there. Please understand that, just like Egypt, America is not the small amount of politicians, but the millions of people just like you and the people of Egypt, wanting the good life for our families, safe neighborhoods and schools for our children.

    Most of us are always on the side of freedom, and if I could be there with you I would fight along side you. I would willingly fight for your freedom.

    I have not heard any words here in support of Mubarak and his regime, only support and prayers for the people of Egypt. That you be delivered from this dictator who would steal from his own people and ignore their suffering and needs.

    May you, your family and loved ones be blessed--be safe--and know that a woman in Kansas, U.S., is thinking of you every day and praying for your safety, good health, and peace.


    p.s. Are you familiar with Bob Marley, the revolutionary singer from Jamaica? Give him a listen if you can...

  4. Obama's envoy to Mubarak: "President Mubarak remains utterly critical in the days ahead as we sort our way toward the future... [he] must stay in office in order to steer those changes through... This is an ideal moment for him to show the way forward."

  5. Zeinobia, I am one of your followers and enjoy your tweets, but if we are asking for true democracy doesn't this mean that people like Tamer Hosney have the right to express themselves in whatever manner they want even if it is against what we are calling for. Freedom of speech is a right and rather than banning for example Tammoura from singing for a year ( BTW) I don't listen to him, I'd rather see people listen to both points of views regardless.

  6. Shokran. Can you post the lyrics in Arabic, so we can sing them here in New York.


    Annie Lanzillotto

  7. montreal gazette has video of protest in montreal
    over 500 rally
    important story to begin the video

  8. First of all, all my support to your great and courageous fight pro democracy and liberty in Egypt ! Following the egyptian people's revolution, I've heard about a song by Abdel Halim Hafez which lyrics are :

    "When we ignited a revolution and fire,
    When we fought corruption,
    When we liberated the country,
    When we realized independance,
    And we won, we won, we won."

    I would really love to listen to that song, but I can't find his title nowhere. Could you please tell me the title of this song ?

  9. to Mathieu am sarah from egypt tnx for ur lovely words am happy that u r hearing songs for singer abdelhalim i know this song it's called The story of the people حكاية شعب i love it too :))

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    Tamer Hosny is headed to the Caribbean for a Valentine's Day cruise. Big money to be made singing to Arab Americans on a cruise ship. One thing about many of the Lebanese singers. When they were under siege 2 years ago during the latest war they had with their neighbours to the south, many stayed in their country, forfeiting the choice to go and make money elsewhere.

    At the end of the day, it's all about the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR for many!

  12. I love this song so much! I'm a girl from Malaysia, and I'd like to express my solidarity with the people in Egypt. The Egyptian's revolt spirit has inspired the world, especially those live under authoritarian regime. The people united, will never be defeated!

  13. Sorry , but Amr Diab didn't leave egypt he still in egypt till now .
    And i'm sure .


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