Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Real traitors among us “Part 1”

“This is an old post I wrote from couple of days ago”

In the past few days the mainstream media in Egypt has adopted the official public version of the story of what is happening in the country except very few outlets like Al Shorouk Daily and Daily News Egypt in particular. It is something we understand and we expected as the most of the mainstream media outlets have not dared yet to speak freely against Mubarak, any opposition outlet in the MSM fears in time of Mubarak to meet  the doomed fate of Al Shaab and Al Dostor newspapers.

The campaign for days paved the way for a mix of group thinking and Stockholm syndrome plus xenophobia in the Egyptian’s mind according to what I have witnessed  starting from Mubarak’s last speech. In a systematic brainwash operation almost all news talk shows speak negatively about the effects of these protests despite praising the youth movement of #Jan25 “ignoring the massacre that took place there”warning from the chaos if President Mubarak steps down now. “they did not remember that Mubarak had a life or death surgery in Germany from couple of years ago without a vice president”

Only anti-protests callers are allowed to speak on phone on air to express their anger from their protesters and their support to Papa Mubarak where as the control rooms ask callers in advance what they are going to say !! This besides the prearranged NDPian callers.

Instead of blaming the failing regime for not protecting the citizens the mainstream media is attacking the protesters disgustingly.  Aside of the claims that Mubarak has listened to the demands of the protesters and he can’t leave now as it is only a matter of 8 months and he will leave in a organized matter otherwise chaos will prevail , MSM is spreading the same old regime propaganda : Egypt is under attack ,all the world is working to destroy Egypt !!

At first it was Dr. ElBaradei with American and European communications “ U.S ambassador did not speak with ElBaradei alone by the way but with all political figures in Egypt including the Muslim brotherhood but this was not mentioned in MSM “ but then the regime found out that it was a horrible conspiracy made by the United States, Israel , Qatar, Iran , Hezbollah and even Ethiopia “ Minister of manpower Aisha Abdel Hady said so !!”

We know hear about foreigners giving money to the protesters in Al Tahrir , foreigners releasing our criminals from prisons “which means actually our security is very weak to the level that our foreign enemies know how to attack us , where is our intelligence to protect us from these foreign scheme !!? This means there is something wrong in our national security actually , thus it is Mubarak’s mistake.”

The MSN media is speaking about Wikileaks’ cable that proved the Qataris had this plan to ignite unrests in Egypt through Al Jazeera and do not dare to speak about the U.S embassy Cables from Cairo and about Egypt  in order to know about the reality of Mubarak.  By the way our people can’t find the original text of this cable in the Wikileaks website itself , we only got the usual cables we already know that Qatar uses Al Jazeera to blackmail Arab states and Egypt is complaining from Al Jazeera aside from the that channel the States support to kick Al Jazeera’s ass in Dubai. “Al Arabiya”

Last week Al Akhbar daily was claiming that it has got documents show Iran’s involvement in the revolution and do not ask how. Aisha Abdel Rahman also claimed that Ethiopia and Eritrea sent their agents among the protesters to destroy the country !!?

We expected this but we did not expect some people will buy this cheap propaganda and lies that not even a 6 years old child in the time of the internet.

The groups of We are all Khaled Said and RNN are currently being under huge attack and they are also being accused of treason widely in a disgusting way.

Now I will kill bunch of myths spread on the Facebook by our dear follow Egyptians.

  1. “We are all Khaled Said” Arabic group has got an admin from the Egyptians living abroad  , it was announced on the eve of Friday 28,2011 by the first admin of the group “We believe that he is Wael Ghonim”.
  2. Yes the internet service was down in Egypt in the past week but the internet was working through Dial up connections and satellite connections too.

I may  seem kind of emotional now , I do not have enough sleep “my friends in Al Tahrir did not have any actually” but I have had enough from the treason charges in the FB from relatives and friends who were deceived so easily simply because they had enough from the curfew. Now I fight these lies in the FB and spend more time there than blogging or tweeting because I feel our people should wake up. I can’t be silent in front of provoking comments for people who calling my friends in Al Tahrir as traitors cursing them day and night.

The Egyptian TV is spreading lies about foreign reporters claiming that the country is full of foreign elements including Israeli spies ,they claim that these foreign elements are infiltrating our country now. The people in the street are scared and suspicious.  You can’t imagine how many foreign journalists or foreign citizens were attacked and harassed in the street due to this claim. Their cameras are smashed and they are physically attacked before being dragged to the army.  In the past days I received several tweets that foreign journalists were arrested from here and there or they were attacked. Of course despite my deep sadness to these attack , I think this will prove to the world the truth about the Egyptian regime.

Can you believe that  even  blonde Egyptians can be in danger if they want to go down town or even just to take a picture for the city !!

The mobs currently attacking newspapers HQ , last week Shorouk daily and The Daily News Egypt were under regime thugs attack , the journalists were the ones who are protecting themselves and their buildings. It is selective choice indeed as far as I see.

We understand that all this is done by the regime to isolate the Egyptian the people foolishly from the world and also to prevent the world from knowing the truth , this regime of course is damn stupid to understand that we do not live in the 1960s anymore.

The real traitors are those who are working in the media and are deceiving the people , the real traitors are those stars from footballers,so-called artists and so-called religious clerics who misusing the Quran and Bible for fear of a human being. There is no excuse , not a single excuse in front of those 316 Egyptians who were killed in the battle of freedom and democracy.

Yes as Egyptian , I should not accuse my follow Egyptians of  treason , it is a terrible word yet I can’t give up the blood of our martyrs as they have had so easily. I am not speaking about ordinary but other Egyptians from prominent personalities in the society whom we shall not forget their treason to us nor to our martyrs

Anas El-Fikay is indeed one hell of a traitor. FYI Anas El-Fikay is a publisher of children’s books and is said to be from Suzanne Mubarak’s men in the cabinet after Farouk Hosni.


  1. Zeinobia, I have watched what you describe from abroad, so I know what you are talking about. What I don't know is how big the deception is? We see the number of protesters, but we don't see how many people are really fooled. It starts to sound like the moment you leave Tahrir, almost everyone is deceived. But I can't believe that. What do you think? Are 25% deceived? 50%? 75%? What do you think, it is so hard to judge.

  2. VERY GOOD POST! Keep up the work!
    Also if the demonstrators stop, what will happen with them? And with all the people who demonstrated? Don't you think the regime recorded it all? If they stay in power, even if it is only till September, they will try to arrest all these people, when everyone is back at their homes.

  3. Yes my brave friend, there is indeed a lot of disinformation and hypocrisy on FB I noticed today and I shall also try to dedicate more time at the expense of Twitter.
    Alberto Ghiringhelli, an Italian who grew up in Cairo and has always considered Egypt my home.
    Keep up the struggle...this great country is giving the world a lesson in dignity and courage!

  4. I am proud to see Egyptian youth taking to the streets in the name of democracy! I know that the mainstream media in Cairo has been spitting out propaganda, but it was too much for one anchorwoman who resigned in disgust! Soha el-Nakash quit her post rather than spew out skewed disinformation about the people's protest. She may be taking her life in her hands, but then again, everyone in Tahrir Square is in peril too. That is the price of liberty!

    We are for you in America!

  5. excellent post, i believe these naive peoples kids will one day look down on them with disgust

  6. Wow! The English is a little rough but the message is loud and clear.
    You will remember the traitors and we will remember those in our government who supported them.

  7. Dear Zeinobia,

    May Allah Bless you and all our youth who are fighting for all of us.
    No one in this whole world who has a Conscience or a Brain believes in all those lies and whoever is repeating them.
    I simply stopped watching any Egyptian TV channel, public and private, those are the real corrupts and the real cancer eating up our people's brain. Their Immediate stopping should be one of the first requests after Mubarak exit, they are destroying our future.
    May Allah protect you all.


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