Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breaking News : Mubarak Has not resigned From the NDP

This has been reported on Al Hayat TV Channel :
President Hosni Mubarak has resigned from the NDP , the ruling party of Egypt which he headed for nearly 30 years.
Mubarak has only resigned from the leadership of the NDP , he is no longer the head of NDP only. 
Smokes still there
The NDP HQ on January 29 

Today lots of developments took place today in the NDP , all the high committee of the NDP has resigned including the big names of Safwat Al Sherif , Zakaria Azami and Ali El-Din Halal not to mention Gamal Mubarak. Progressive NDPian Hossam Badrawy has replaced Al Sherif.
More to come.
Mubarak is losing guys more and more ground.
Photo Source : #Jan29 i-capture


  1. Mubarak Resignation From the NDP is not confirmed yet.

  2. I am not sure if the President actually resigned from the NDP, I think he resigned from his leadership role in the party.

  3. Al-Arabeya just denied the new !!!

  4. Mubarak did not resign from the leadership of the NDP. he still the head of Egypt's ruling party.

  5. Dear Zeinobia,

    If you get the chance please give this caricature to our heroes in Tahrir Square.

    Thank you and God bless all of our young fighters.

  6. It does not matter if the resignation is confirmed or not, in fact it does not matter if it was. This took place in Tunisia and the Tunisians disregarded it. What you want is not a resignation from the NDP but a resgnation from the presidency and the government. The problem here is that Mubarrak knows he has a lot of levarage and the protestors do not. So how are the protestors going to convince him beyond any doubt that he should go now, without using any violence?

  7. Top US and Egyptian military have met in Germany today to discuss the terms of transition

  8. Mubark leverage will only help to delay his demise and to allow him inflicting more damage on Egypt as he did in the last 30 years. His image is negatively recognized in a global scale. Only OBL had this notoriety for several weeks after 9 11, 2001. And this world-wide condemnation is irreversible.
    Yet, dictators like Bin Ali and Mubark are paranoid and live their own reality. The Tunisian army pulled the plug on Bin Ali's illusions, so he opted to depart. How this could be done in Egypt by committed non-violent youth has to be seen. He will be probably the first Egyptian ruler to leave office on foot, without a coup, assassination or dying by natural causes.

  9. Egyption brothers, what new government is going to emerge? and how is it going to make a practical, social and economic difference is it going to make to the Egyptian lot? no body knows, but one thing is for sure, if the protestors in Tahrir Square went back home today it does not matter, why? because they got rid of their fear, the democratic wheels are already turning and they can always come back and make their voices taken seriously in terms of what they want (goals), how they want to get it (democary,economy,education etc..)and how fast they want to get it (tactics). So what is important now is Egypt becoming what Egypt deserve, so why dont you take a few minutes to read a few books from one of the most outstanding thinkers in the world who helped turn the tide in the biggest democarcy in the world, a man who made a difference, "Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam", study him carefully, read his books, assess his methods as appropriate to you, listen to his words which could help make Egypt great and proud. start by going to his website and enjoy.

  10. So the Brotherhood is now engaged in the political process and I hope they do not display the misguided behaviour we witnessed from the extreemists behaving responsibly. They need to clearly refer back to the origins of democracy in the early Islamic period and act in a balanced egalitarian democratic fashion. Here is a summary, in the 6th century BC ” The Athenian city state famously practised participatory democracy, without the approval of Plato or Socrates that if democracy assumed the rule of the people who could change their minds and criteria if they realised they are wrong, arguing instead for a democracy exercised using moral values as a criteria. Aristotle said that democracy was the worst form of government where the natural leaders were demagogues lacking the morals and the expertise and tends to be elitest.The Romans forms turned their back saying that it is the worst form of government, on the idea which was called the ‘mob rule’ and it is not until 2000 years later in the nineteenth century in Europe that it becomes even moderately respectable to call oneself a democrat. In the Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln called it “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”, yet the word democracy appears nowhere in the American Constitution; the French Revolution was fought for Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité and the most that Churchill claimed for it was that it was “the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. One thing however escapes most western Historians and also Islamic Leaders and religious scholars, The Koran does not tell much about the political process but it does give clues with versus such as "the affairs of the faithful are to be decided by mutual consultation that marks themselves", thus in early Islamic history there is a hint of a participatory egalitarian system to be used in representative assemblies. For example Au Bakr was not a hereditary ruler, he was not explicitly designated,rather he was elected,. But this early Islamic consultation rule becomes overwhelmed by the Persian Idea of "the, absolute quasi devine ruler".However originally the prophet never hinted to a political process but he did for the first time in the arab world create a political and religious community dragged from Polytheism to abrahamic theology and also from anarchic Exuberism into a unitary state but he did leave a legacy of consultation which was very much a moral egalitarian political process.


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