Egyptian Chronicles: #Jan25 : Day 17 in Tahrir , An army meeting and Mubarak’s speech !!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

#Jan25 : Day 17 in Tahrir , An army meeting and Mubarak’s speech !!

I think I have made a mistake when I stop doing these journals about Egypt , they were very focused to me so I will go back to them because it seems that next 48 hours are very critical to Egypt.
5 PM : Al Jazeera is saying the supreme council of arm forces is holding a meeting to study the current situation in Egypt.
This is very interesting considering the extensive existence of army in very sensitive places in Egypt. Since yesterday more army forces were deployed at the Presidential palace in Heliopolis , at the ERTU building and at other very important decision making buildings.
A possible coup in the way !! 
5:07 PM Mubarak is expected to address the Egyptian people for the third time in two week. According to Hossam Badrawy Mubarak will answer all the demands of the Egyptian people
5:14 PM According to the Al Hurra channel Mubarak is going to transfer his powers to the army and
this is news from AP is based from a phone call from Al Tahrir :
CAIRO (AP) A senior army commander has told Egypt protesters that all their demands will be met.
Ayman Nour says that the army will have an announcement in 30 mins .
5:23 PM : According to Al Arabiya Mubarak is going to transfer his power his commander in chief

5:25 PM breaking news on national TV and suddenly a statement from the army council , I think Sami Anan was the one who said Statement no.1. We saw all the army commanders but no Mubarak or Soliman.
What we understood that that meeting will continue to be held

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