Egyptian Chronicles: Soliman : Fear Al Qaeda !!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soliman : Fear Al Qaeda !!

So Soliman has not convinced anybody whether the international community or the Egyptians with the Muslim brotherhood conspiracy theory , he actually does not care that much about those people “who lack the culture of democracy and so he is speaking the language the West knows very : Al Qaeda phobia !!
We found suddenly the general wearing us that there are Al Qaeda members who escaped from the Egyptian prisons , thus we should be very afraid or rather the West should be very fear.
Strangely at the same time we find Al Qaeda and its affiliated terrorist groups  giving its blessing to the revolution calling for the jihad !!?
By the way despite his refusal to speak to foreign media , Wael Ghonim spoke exclusively only to CNN to fire back at out what Omar Soliman said with Amanpour.

General Soliman is facing international charges of torture
He is also being portrayed in the media as the favorite choice for the States and Israel thanks to the new cables released by the Wikileaks.
Things are not that bright for because New Yorker Jane Mayer is highlighting the dark side at the general’s bright image “at least in Egypt” by bringing up his role as the head of the GIS for 16 years and the rendition scandal. “Read more about U.S rendition”
Speaking about rendition and mutual expertise when it comes to torture , I was shocked to know that our state security officers were trained by FBI !! Even torture , I thought that they inherited from the bloody 1960s !!
On the other side the general has become the center of lots jokes in Egypt with his constant talks about foreign agendas , road maps and time tables !! Of course agendas rule all the jokes not to mention the resemblances between the general and late Peter Sellers as inspector Clouseau !!

Via “Fady_D”
Thanks to the general and Mubarak’s reaction we have restored our famous Egyptian sense of humor again !! 
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  1. You make it sound like the FBI provided "torture training". The FBI does not even have any detention facilities to torture people even if they could, which they can't. The FBI specializes in investigative techniques, and I'm sure that's the training they provided to Egyptian police. If you want to condemn that you're welcome to, but to imply the FBI is teaching people how to torture is a falsehood.

  2. Dear Zeinobia,

    I hope our fighters in Al Tahrir and everywhere are prepared for the regime crushing them.

    Please check this link and circulate.

    May Allah protect all our people.

  3. :) فولة وإتأسمت نوصيين

  4. @programmer craig
    Please look up 'Ted' Theodore L. Gunderson a retired United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge, and you will have a better understanding of the FBI's inner works.
    The Canadian.

  5. Dear Zeinobia, I am afraid I have to agree with programmer craig. FBI has to be incompetent when it comes to torture.
    Why else would the USA send their terrorist suspects to Egypt for expert torture? ;)

  6. The FBI teaches goverments around the world how to NOT investigate those that use torture as a means of crowd control. Such as the cop in Chicago that tortured Black Men in his custody for thirty years under their supervison. And now they are protecting us from the scourge of the teenage computer users that protested the goverments attempt to deny donations to Wikileaks thru payuppal. Next the fbi will be hot on the trail investigating the large shoe purchases when ever little georgie shrub attempts to leave the country. Dean Little

  7. @programmer craig
    Of course, the US doesn't torture, it sub-contracts. What a shame King George didn't employ more torturers to maintain his rule. Perhaps you'd like still to be ruled from London, by proxy.

  8. Y'all have no idea what the FBI is or what it does. You aren't helping anybody by distributing misinformation.

  9. @Programmer Craig
    can't help but be VERY surprised by your reaction!! FBI doesn't support torture,,yeah sure,,who else doesn't? CIA? NSA?? "Bradley Manning", does the name sound familiar to you?? or maybe it's okay to torture people who don't fall under the category of obedient god-fearing citizens like the bad bad Jolian Assagne who published videos of US soldiers shooting unarmed civilians in Iraq and was called by your vice president, your very own Joe Biden a "high-tech terrorist" for doing that!!!!!!! you kill them, it's a national duty, he tells the world, he's a terrorist!!!! you rented a god damn island to torture people (AKA: Gouantanamo) and you are offended by talks of FBI torture techniques!!!
    honestly, just...!!!!!


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