Thursday, February 10, 2011

Breaking News : A coup taking place currently in Cairo

I think you have heard about Army Statement no.1 from the army council meeting that did not including the commander in Chief aka President Mubarak
Statement no.1 : Army respects the people and will do its best to protect it .. etc.

More statements to come and people are going crazy from happiness , we are glued
Rumors circulating that Mubarak has left the country , places of destinations are  Dubai and Jordan.There are rumors that Cairo international airport is being evacuated to let Mubarak leave now.Another rumor that that he is being detained at a military airport.
We misinterpreted the movement of the army in Cairo last night when huge forces moved to the Presidential palace in Orooba and the ETRU building , these were clear signs but we did not understand ,nobody understood  this because of the neutral position of the army !!
We are being ruled now by that army council which is in permanent meeting status.
Al jazeera claims that the army intervened when Mubarak was going to transfer some of his powers to Soliman, in fact this was what Mubarak was going to announce allegedly tonight. Already now we are hearing that officers tried to killed Soliman in that assassination attempt.
Suzanne Mubarak is said to have left the country.
Hossam Badrawy of NDP is saying that the best choice for Mubarak is to step down and I expect his departure today
Fox News says that Mubarak and the chief of staff are in their way to Sharm El-Sheikh where as
Speculations that the speech Mubarak will say "mostly the step down speech" has been recorded earlier despite the confirmation that he is going to speak on air from the presidential palace.
The speech will be aired according to BBC at 8.30 PM
More people are saying that the man who is going to be our transitional president is General Sami Anan
7:30 PM The Egyptian TV says that Mubarak is having meetings with Soliman and Shafik. BBC is insisting that Mubarak has departed throughout the country and Obama has told the journalists that will have wait and see what will happen in Egypt.
7:51 PM According to Assad Abu Khalil , the famous angry Arab Mubarak is going to Bahrain while now I am receiving several tips that Mubarak left Egypt to UAE since yesterday not even today.
8:00 PM We found the TV airing some footage with Omar Soliman and Ahmed and he does not look in his best shape ever.

 8:30 PM There is no empty inch in Al Tahrir now , it is like our Berlin wall moment as Rachel Maddow has described it. Here is a photo from the square now which is the center of the world now.
From Just Image
According to Al Hurra Mubarak will leave to UAE tonight , most probably to Abu Dhabi as UAE invited President Mubarak . Obama already talked with President Khalifa Ben Zayed
9:00 PM Mubarak is going to speak after one hour at 10 PM ,according to Al Arabiya he will announce constitutional amendments before giving up his powers.
The Minister of information is insisting that Mubarak will not resign.
Another two officers have given up their weapons and joined the protesters in Al Tahrir.
Police has noticeably left some areas and the public committees are being asked to go down to protect the neighborhood , a message that spread through out Facebook , BBM and What's App MSGs.
9:19 PM : From more than hour ago the army began to send SMS to the Egyptian people comforting them that it is protecting the people and it will use force against the Egyptian people
9:25 PM : Mubarak is going to address the nation so soon 

Insh Allah I will be blogging the speech through cover it life to make easier 

Here is the speech of Mubarak in video from ERTV news center , you can watch it after break

And here is the speech of Omar Soliman in video 


  1. NICE INFO....
    it seems that the army have the power to rule
    the country in this situation...
    hope ur country will safe from this incident..

  2. if the army will take over - what difference will it make? after all, Mobarak himself came from the military. the only thing that will change is the name, don't you think?

  3. I'm getting a bad feeling about this, people are celebrating way too early. Army, Soliman, Mubarak, it doesn't make a difference, we want COMPLETE change, and a completely Free Egypt. Let's not lose sight of that.

  4. Lets give the guy a fair trial for the looting, and murder of the Egyptian and Palestinian people.

    Now I am looking forward to item number two: The 25th January Peoples Park extending without interuprion from Chubra to Helwan (aradi tarh el nil), along the banks of the Nile, instead of all those $$ private party clubs reserved for rich Mubarak cronies.

    Now the people will at last be able to celebrate Sham el Nassim in a real Egyptian garden along the Nile, instead of climbing on a bridge and sitting on a pavement, harassed by police.

  5. Dear Zeinobia,

    Let's all pray to Allah to save our country and protect our young fighters.
    We have to wait and see, he won't go easily, he will never pronounce the word " stepping down تنحى " but rather transfering power to Omar Soliman with Shafiq and his filthy cabinet in power is one more manipulation of our people's will.
    Allah akbar.

  6. Its interesting how both in Tunisia and Egypt
    the police and internal security forces have both done their best to protect the corrupt regimes and act against the people of these free countries, and it is the Army that stood by the people. This tells us a lot about the fact that the police force in these two countries should be retrained in the democratic way.

  7. Thank you for your intersting information, I was reading during the last weeks. It is a big historical moment. What will it bring? I pray for a free, democratic Egypt.

  8. Uh oh. Mubarak's not stepping down after all.

  9. WOW...just goes to show u that u can't believe any rumours or anything Zeinab. Did you honestly think that Israel and it's army, the USA, would let any kind of democracy come to Egypt. They are shitting their pants over the 80 million ppl. Can you imagine if these people came to the border. They could cause a lot of problems for the Israelis. They will phase Hosni out and phase in their preferred replacement, Soliman. The army has been paid off. Wake the Hell up already!

    They don't care that the Egyptian economy is in the tank. The stock exchange is finished. The currency is worth next to nothing. None of that matters. Israel's security is the most important thing in this region. It's all that matters. Watch Fox and CNN and you will see.

    Having said that. God is more powerful than nation.

  10. where in hosni mubarak? i'm in abu dhabi and we can't have nice tip nor serious information!

  11. @Anonymous 2/10/2011 11:34:00 PM "Did you honestly think that Israel and it's army, the USA, would let any kind of democracy come to Egypt." Adjust your tinfoil hat.

  12. I am the anonymous 2/10/2011 07:06:00 PM (above) my name is Sherif from Egypt, I am a refugee from the brutal police the Mubarak regime. I have a Ph.D but I work as a dish-washer in France. I write songs to the Morning Horizon on the side. My book is ready, 220 Poems.

    Glad to be still anonymous. My next program for the new government (after the 25 Jan Liberaration park and after legalising hashish), the stone by stone destruction of the Aswan High Dam. Let us turn Egypt into an organic agricultural powerhouse as it always has been. That is if we can find the seeds that Yousif Waly destroyed in favour of Monsanto seeds.

  13. Al Jazeera English live stream just featured another of your tweets, Zeinobia. You sounded angry!

  14. @Sherif from Egypt, 2/11/2011 12:29:00 AM.

    1. smoke hashish
    2. destroy Aswan Dam
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT!

  15. zeinobia you're always the one who gets her hands on things most of us can't get
    here's the thing..i'm in vienna and we're holding a demonstration tomorrow and on sunday
    i want to show pictures of the young men who gave their lives to egypt and their people during this revolution

    i saw these pictures on the interview with wael ghonim but i can't find them on the internet
    do you have any idea where i could find them?
    please reply via mail

    i'd be really thankful for any help you can offer!!

  16. Zeinobia, this post has a big screen cap of your angry tweet.

  17. This is the beginning of the end, this regime is finished whether the army supports the people or Mubarak.

  18. Simple error: Not Brekaing but Breaking

    Get Mubarak DOWN first.
    Then for the second round: people PROTEST to get his stooges DOWN.

  19. We are all angry and disgusted with this latest news from the man. Yes, angry, frustrated and scared for our people and what might the next step brings. How can a number of people (Mufia) think they have that much POWER???????

    We stand in solidarity with you Egypt and pray.....

  20. "Egypt will explode. Army must save the country now." --ElBaradei
    Is this possible? Did Mubarak fool the Army as well as most of the rest of the world? Or did he find a way to buy off the Army? If the Army will not arrest this criminal despot, perhaps charges could be brought at the International Criminal Court. Personally, as a US citizen, I am rather disgusted with the performance of US leaders. It appears Mubarak has played Obama for a fool.

  21. Dear Zeinobia,

    To all your readers everywhere please read this article. Thank you.

    May Allah Bless and Protect our country and its suffering people and young fighters.

  22. Dear Zenobia,

    I know it is out of the scope, but Lt General Saad El Shazly passed away yesterday.
    He didnt have the opportunity to witness Egypt's change.
    May God bless his soul

  23. Mubarak's most prominent characteristic feature in life is his instinctive cling to power at any cost.
    History has many examples like Mubarak who ended up dead either through assassination, suicide or undisclosed mysterious factors.

  24. Dear Zenobia,
    You did not list my comments about the Army when I suggested to you that they are playing their own game and you must not trust what they say, the Army today is not the liberation Army of 1952. Here are some of the facts again, the army reeives 1.3 Billion from the US, it has F16's, Bradley tanks and sophisticated technology and a war free good life it could not afford without the aid package. Like Pakistan its an institution, it has its commercial interests and its doing very well under Mubarrak thank you very much because it is friendly with the US and Israel. Israel soon will receive F35's and its forces are much stronger, why they need the F35 stealth? you have to look at Iran, should Israel in the future decide to hit Israel's nuke plants with the F35's Egypt will not protest, Suleiman will take a moderate stance and other Arab nations like Saudi Arabia will also not protest. Suleimans moderation with Israel is taken in exchange for the Aid package which includs the requirement of mediation between Israel and the Palestinians and a host of other friendly relationship with the US and its allies. So where does that fall in terms of the popular uprize for freedom, frankly the Army does not think in terms of freedom or democracy, it thinks in terms of political and military interest and foreign policy towards the US and the west. The egyptian people are already free just by going out and protesting, what they must do now is not request freedom or democracy, they must find a way to reinvent their political systems in terms of relationship between the people and the state, and that includes the Military relationship with the people on the one hand and the state on the other. Today the Military are in bed with the current regime and have been for decades, so calls for democracy is not a good tactic, and calls for freedom is irrelevant, the people already have freedom because the regime is in panic mode and is trying all sorts of tricks.

  25. Just a correction for the above analysis (very difficult to edit in a tiny box) so here is a correction to a specific sentence which must be replaced with the following:

    "Israel soon will receive F35's and its forces are much stronger, why they need the F35 stealth? you have to look at Iran, should Israel in the future decide to hit Iran's nuke plants with the F35's Egypt will not protest, Suleiman will take a moderate stance and other Arab nations like Saudi Arabia will also not protest"

    The Army's position cannot take sides until the relationship with the US is sorted.

  26. I am not optimistic that the International Criminal Court will prosecute Mubarak, but I signed the Arrest Mubarak petition representing Free Soil Party USA, and I am pleased to note the Swiss government has already moved to freeze the Mubarak family bank accounts, as reported by the UK Financial Times today (

    May I extend hearty congratulations, people of Egypt! You did it!


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