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Friday, February 11, 2011

Breaking News : Army Statement no.2

And after several hours and two SMS with the same confirmation that army council will issue its Statement no.2 soon , the statement came to light in a very critical and amazingly it was not said by army officers or general but by a news reader at the Egyptian TV.
Army statement no. 2 in nutshell : 
  • The army will end the state of emergency not law
  • The army guarantees the changes and reforms promised by Mubarak and Soliman “  The army is endorsing Omar Soliman !!”
  • The army promises free and fair presidential elections later this year.
  • The army calls the people to return back to the normal life.
This is just as bad as Soliman and Mubarak’s statements , the army commanders have taken Mubarak and Soliman’s side again , they have to thanks to the big salaries they are taking , you can’t imagine how much Tantawy takes every month for all those years !!  El-Adly is poor guy compared to him !!
I do not understand , what the hell was going on in Cairo yesterday !!? What was that play !!? I do not get how leaders in NDP says that Mubarak was going to step down , how the army has a meeting on this without the commander of chief !! How all the world was speaking that Mubarak left the country and is heading to God knows where !!?
Update : 

  • The TV aired again statement no.2 but this time read by that army general to refute any rumor , as there were rumors that this statement was issued by the republican guards force which protect the ERTU building. 

  • There is a rumor that the army will issue statement no.3 sooner and it will probably include the announcement of having a presidential council !! Again people are saying that Mubarak and his wife have left Cairo at 1 PM from to unknown destination. "Some say he left his residence at 10 AM. 
  • There is a growing number of protesters in front of the Oroba palace , the official residence of Mubarak where he was not staying last night.
  • Nice historical fact : The current minister of defense Mohamed Hussein Tantawy used to head the republican guards. 
  • Mubarak kept Tantawy as minister of defense from 1991 up till now because the man has no popularity at all in the army , he can't lead a coup against him. Mubarak used to get rid from any popular chief of staff inside and outside the army like for instance general Salah El-Halaby if you remember him. 
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  1. The statement is vague and void of clear concrete dates and time lines.
    The objective of this statement is to distance the army from Mubarak.
    The army has to decide whether it is going to shit or get off the pot!

  2. The Army said, it would lift emergency law "as soon as current cirumstances end". A fine difference to really doing it. I see no lift coming for a long time. After next elections earliest. For 30 years a reason was always found, why "just now" emergency law could not be lifted yet. A very old game.

  3. If he had stepped-down, I would have said that is a Mubarak Clone. The Mubarak I know has an arrogant, stubborn persona. All he wants is an honorable retirement.

    I feel what happened yesterday is a trick on the CIA, first they leak the information that he is stepping down, but then he appears on the TV telling the foreign countries that when I step down is non of your business.

    I don't want a coup, I just want to see positive steps I am not worried about when will Mubarak go, Mubarak is leaving this year. The two most important steps are proper constitution amendments and new parliamentary election, none of these can happen with the current atmosphere isn't helping. If the election is to be on September, We need to see our candidates talking about their plans for a better Egypt, otherwise it will be too late.

  4. All my best wishes to all Egyptians fighting for their natural and Human rights. I just hope that the Army sees the light and begins getting rid of the corrupt generals and sides with you all. Keep on the fight!

  5. It is not over for Mubarg regime until it is over, which is long way away. The reaction to this unprecedented uprising is waging physiological warfare thru misinformation, tricks and rumors. Mubark now uses the army as a facade or proxy to recycle the same mantra of reform, while he still holds the strings. He may also leave the country, as a sitting president, while the VP Soliman takes center stage and act on Mubark's behalf. This is like taking paid vacation and keeping your post.

    It is clear Mubark will not depart willingly or voluntarily. His paranoia instituted in 30 years of power makes him unable to distinguish between himself and Egypt.

    On the other hand, he must be credited in generating national enthusiasm, camaraderie across sectorial and political divide, street creativity in visual arts, posters, slogans, poetry, songs, the birth of first internet revolution, worldwide support and interest in Egypt. It was always the Pyramids and king Tut, now it is Tahrir Square. If he had left on Jan 28 or so, Egypt would have missed this experience of social and political maturity. There is a new generation of leaders developing polished with the heat of challenge. Certainly there is price in loss of life and else, yet the benefits surpass losses.

  6. You missed the obvious here Zeinobia this is all about power and wealth. It will be a long bitter struggle by the looks of it. I would say follow the money to know what's really going on in the background, but since there is no system of reporting that makes it impossible.

  7. I love your speculations, gossip, history, and everything! Thank you!

  8. Mubarak is out, the Military in charge?

  9. The people of Egypt have demonstrated unequivocally that the fundamental right to freedom of expression, free and fair elections, and the right to self determination is an indispensable right which must be guarded jealously and zealously. Change and victory begins with the one seemingly tiny voice, then a chorus of voices who have the courage to stand up and join the cause, then a rumbling of the crowd. The voice of the people cannot be ignored forever.

  10. In his last speech, he dared cross the line when he said, he will never allow a foreign country from dictating to him what he should do, yet for decades he was a client. So today he was punished,
    the moral of the story is, if you are good enough to receive 1.3 billion a year, surely you are good enough to do what you are told. I think the military have goten used to their Billion and they cannot at this stage lose all that, so they ditched Mubarrak, kept their toys and preserved the respect of the people. Now what? Well they will keep the US AID I suppose but what will they give up in exchange?


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