Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lulu Massacre : On the foot steps of Al Tahrir "Graphic"

I am writing this post and there is currently a massacre taking place in Manama , the capital of Bahrain. Most of you know that Bahrain is currently witnessing huge protests demanding political reforms. The political scene in Bahrain was boiling for long time and the #25Jan revolution came to give a huge force to the Bahraini activists who decided to push the bar against their regime.
There were protesters in the past couple of days , two protesters were killed , one of them actually was killed in the funeral of the first protesters. People were extremely angry and the Bahraini protesters decided to have an open sit it at the Manama’s biggest squares : Lulu square or the Pearl square. They spent last night there and today as well. King Hamad as you have heard gave a speech where he expressed his sorrow for the murder of these two protesters and said that there would be an investigation.
Just like Al Tahrir , the Lulu square became a tent city for strikes , the protesters demanded political reforms. The latest and most important demand was turning the country in to a constitutional monarchy.
Now at 2 AM or 3 AM Manama local time we found the security forces storming the Lulu square , killing not less than 4 including old man and injuring hundreds who were rushed in to the Salmaniya hospital.
Here is a video showing police forces cracking down a peaceful march at the Lulu square.

There are thugs and some are speaking about mercenaries in twitter used against the protesters. There are rumors that there are Saudi and Kuwaiti forces helping the Bahraini forces against their own people. Eye witnesses say that the Bahraini army is currently taking over the square , removing all signs of striking there. Bahrainis are speaking about international forbidden ammunition used , I am not surprised because it was used also in Egypt.
The police is doing house to house search to find young protesters in the area according to tweets online.
We can’t find any official source to confirm or deny , of course based on the Egyptian experience we should not trust official source. Update : I found that the Bahraini ministry of interior's official spokesperson describes the strike at Lulu square on twitter from 8 hours ago as follows :
MOI Official Spokesman: The assembly at Pearl Roundabout is not legal and is causing traffic jams and hurting people's interests
There is a fear that there will be internet blockage any time in the country now.
The more martyrs will fall down by the hands of the regime forces , the bar of the demands will be raised more , the more persistent the people will be. Now it is a constitutional monarchy , tomorrow it can be a republic , do not underestimate the power of the people. This is déjà vu , this is how it started the #Jan25 revolution when the police attacked 1 AM the Tahrir square and the saga went on till it exploded technically on Jan28th.
The attack on foreign reporters has started already , Miguel Marquez of ABC News was beaten with bully clubs by thugs. He was speaking on the phone with his office in NY when they attacked him. Marquez has sent this shot from blackberry phone to twitter showing police cars lining up at Pearl square from two hours ago

The Police cars have this blue ligh
Miguel Marquez "ABC News"
Allah be with our Bahraini brothers and sisters , we will not leave you.
I do not care about the Shiite conspiracy , there are people who are killed while they are unarmed, enough of these conpsiracies.
Update :
  • Rubber bullets and bird shots were used in the attack.
  • There are tweets and reports that there are clashes near the Salmaniya hospital.
  • Here are the first patch from photos for the victims from human rights activist Maryam Al Khajwa from Salmanyia hospital "Extremely graphic"
Saving an injured
A Child was injured
The wounds of late Hajj Ali
May Allah bless his soul
Killed by the police
Late Hajj Ali El-Khadiry on the left
The families of the victims mourn their loss
  • Here is another video I found for the raid , it actually shows the police cars lining up , there are also voices , I can't identified. This video was uploaded by Tariq Al-Olaimy

  • Another shot for an army tank , there are eye witnesses speaking about Saudi army tanks moving on the King Fahd Causeway. I do not know who really took.
  • There were women and children sleeping at the Lulu square 
  • Al Arabiya is not covering the raid alive , Al Manar is covering, AJE and CNN are also covering it. 
    Anderson Cooper discussed the matter. 
  • Here is another video showing protesters before and at the beginning of the attack. At first you can hear them chanting the praises of Prophet Mohamed ¨PUBH¨and his family then they tried to stand in silence for the martyrs , then the raid started. 

    •  It is now 2:15 PM Cairo local time , the Bahraini army tanks are in control of the Lulu square and other parts of the capital. Gatherings are being banned currently. 
    • More and more eye witnesses insisting that there were Saudi forces in Manama yesterday helping the Bahraini forces. 
    • Officially 4 people were killed. The Bahraini official media is speaking about Shiite plot while highlight the victims from the police officers who were attacked in the clashes and the weapons used by the protesters against the police officers
    • The Bahraini TV claims the police warned the protesters  ,the thing which was denied by the protesters 
    • The Internet is reportedly slowly in Bahrain. 
    • On the other hand there are terrible photos coming from Manama , too horrible is an easy description. Here is a photo which is extremely graphic that shows a citizen was shot down point blank at his head , it is extremely graphic , I warn you.  
    • We got sources from hospitals speaking about 50 being killed last night. 
    • The journalists are being barred currently from entering the country at the airport itself !! 
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    1. Well done Z. Just a note: People should stop talking about "Rubber Bullets" and "Tear Gas". These are in fact lethal weapons. They should be called "Live Ammunition" and "Poison Gas".

    2. I am in the USA. I feel sad that there is not more that I as an individual can do regarding what is going CRAZY on in the world. I don't have much, but I have my voice and I use this to express my ideas to my elected officials (Obama, VP, Senator, Congress-Representative), and also the people around me where I live. I also pray every day and try to let the people in the Mid-East know this - I truly believe that when you are really really down, it is comforting to know that people care about you. It is little, and I wish I could do more.

      Below is a song from the USA band, "Black Eyed Peas" it's my prayer for today, called "Where is the Love?"

      People killing, people dying
      Children hurt and you hear them crying
      Can you practice what you preach
      And would you turn the other cheek

      Father, Father, Father help us
      Send us some guidance from above
      'Cause people got me, got me questioning
      Where is the love?

      (There is much more to the song, too.)
      May your God bless you, and guide you with strength and wisdom

    3. Dear Zeinobia,

      These are not pro-democracy protests. The shiites in Iran want to integrate with Iran and they resent the sunni monarchy

    4. Why don't you cover the protests in Iran against the retarded mullah's regime which is occupying Iraq.

    5. Two videos of shootings
      in Libya

      in Darna

      in Benghazi

      Please help spread, we need more media coverage. Things in Libya like Bahrain are moving faster than Egypt and Tunisia, in libya there are reports of security personel refusing orders to shoot today but also of Libyan snipers and mercenaries from some of his African allies moving in. 19 reported dead today, allah ysabir ahlhum

    6. from facebook, a guy from darna names some of what he swear are 5 killed (the last count of 19 dead in libya today asumed just 1 in darna!)

      والله الذي لا إله غيره سقط خمس شهداء إلى الآن..ومنهم طارق ساسي واحمد الشهيني وواحد من عائلة القبائلي والآخر من قبيلة الطشاني ...والجرحى بالمئااااااااات...والمستشف

    7. Hi, I really like you blog,

      check out my Facebook Page for latets updates in libya:
      Latest Video, Youtube Channel:

      Keep us up to dates.


    8. What happened in Bahrain on that day is yet another proof of how misguiding and un-credible social media could be. The massacre story has been debunked, not only by the Government of Bahrain, but major news outlets, the Bahrain Independent Commission of Investigation, and the so-called protesters themselves. I was at the LuLu roundabout a few days after the Crown Prince ordered protests to be allowed in Bahrain's most viral area, and I did NOT like what I saw. The roundabout turned into a Ma'tam !!! Black everywhere and signs of Ya Hussien, Labik Ya Hussien, Ya Aba Alfadl El Abbas, etc were everywhere. Although I didn't hear sectarian chants, but the over all atmosphere deterred me. We later find it out it was a coup plot, and Iran was behind it. Nothing new to us in Bahrain since Iran continues to claim our beloved island nation to be its 14th province. There have been numerous coup plots by Twelver Shiites over the past 40 years. Almost one every 10 years, and I wouldn't be surprised if they come back in 2017 to fulfill Ayatollah Khomeini's 50 years plan. I'm up for "democracy" which I believe is non-existent in the entire world, but I can not trust any part of the ARAB lands into the hands of those who follow Twelver shiism and take orders from the Grand Ayatollah Khamenaie, the supreme leader of the revolutionary guard. Just look at Lebanon, Iraq, and now Syria.


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