Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei Speaks to Ibrahim Eissa

As you may know our favorite Ibrahim Eissa have a daily show on Al Jazeera Mubshar called “Ibrahim Eissa’s Salon”. It has started from 4 days ago.

Ibrahim Eissa interviewed Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei from three days ago, it is very important interview. For the second time Ibrahim Eissa interviews Dr. ElBaradei since his return to Cairo.

You can watch the interview after the break.

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei speaks to Ibrahim Eissa

This is a summary for what Dr. ElBaradei said in the interview :

  • He does not want to be a president , he wants only to build democracy in Egypt.
  • He wants the next president in Egypt to be in 40s or 50s.
  • He supports and wants a civil state in Egypt
  • Being alliance with Muslim brotherhood does not contradict with his secular beliefs.
  • The Muslim brotherhood support in the Egypt is not that big as some assume.
  • The regime refused to discuss the demands of NAC and continued to defame him

I am biased to Dr. ElBaradei , this man since day one did not change his position unlike other politicians like for instance Dr. Amr Moussa who with my due respect began to speak only when he knew that Mubarak was going down sooner or later. I respect Moussa but I respect ElBaradei more.

ElBaradei is stepping aside I believe for fear to be accused of jumping in to the wagon still I am happy that Dr. Mustafa Al Naggar , the coordinator of his support campaign is among the youth delegation that meets with the armed forces council. I trust Dr. Al Naggar because he knows what we want , at least those who supported the demands of NAC.

I hope to see ElBaradei on the Egyptian TV channel next week insh Allah in an interview with Mahmoud Saad on Ch.2 , this is my wish. There is no reason why we do not see him on our national TV anymore after the end of this regime.

On February 10,2011 Dr. ElBaradei wrote an Op-Ed in NY Times about Egypt , ironically we did not pay attention to it because of what happened later in the following 48 hours.

When Mubarak stepped down on February 11,2011 , Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted this tweet :

Egypt today is a free and proud nation , God bless

Either you like the man or not you can’t deny that he has a role in preparing for this revolution just like the political movements since 2005 , the 6th April youth , just like Khaled Said movement if we are going to speak fair and logically.


  1. I too was a fan of el Baradei, especially as he stood up for Iran and did not bend to the wishes of Israel and USA. But then I found out he was on executive committee of
    George Soros' international crisis group

    Now thats a shame.

  2. El Baradei is of superb international figure, respectable who is candid in communicating with friend or foe. His national and international stands are seasoned and mature. As he demonstrated, he is capable of talking with all sides, and in full honesty speaks his mind. I don't care if he is a member, like Kofi Annan and other world leaders, in crisis group as long as he is committed to his core belief.

    After 30 dark years, having El Baradei as a one-term president is a breath of fresh air, and the best transformation the Egyptian revolution can look for.

  3. Problem with the MB and subsequently Dr. Mustafa Al Naggar is the hierarchy of religions just like military and police. Does Mr. Mustafa feel he is responsible for some higher authority? I hope not.

    If he does not, he will propose for getting rid of article 2.

    ElBaradei is a great man for the very reason he did not change his opinions on the way. Sadly he is not accustomed to speaking aggressively and is not taken seriously.

    Military ignoring NAC and ElBaradei could be directed by someone else. Maybe NAC and ElBaradei should say also the magical words "We respect international treaties".

  4. People, this is soemthing to worry. ElBaradei went "totally nuts". Sending more Tweets today than during whole protests. - Most of them seems to concern the opaqueness of the whole process, and sadly the shortness of the timetable, and media coverage.

  5. Great man and highly respected figure. sadly to say Mr. ElBaradei is still stop by the mubarak and the running regime now to be on TV! he is not an aggressive man but that does not mean he cant be a good leader! People need to know that Dr. ElBaradei love his country and people and most importantly he is honest and not corrupted! there are some people or news that would like to tarnish his image. we all should use our common sense and judge ourselves and not following some BS story!

  6. He is the right person to lead the building of a new democracy

    البرادعي رئيساً لمصر 2012


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