Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Omar Soliman : Talk with me or face a coup !!

VP or our unofficial president General Soliman hold a meeting with the editor in chiefs of official , unofficial , daily and weekly publications in Egypt for the first time. This meeting was very interesting because the general told the reporters that Egypt has two options either to engage in the dialogue with the regime “actually him” or expect a coup !!!!
In other words the general warns us from  a coup if we do not listen to his orders and leave the square !! The journalists did not leave him alone as they asked him what coup and who would do it and the general said anyone including the protesters , the army or even him !!
First of the definition of coup d'état is clear , it is movement by the army to topple the regime so it is either the army or him as when it comes to the protesters in the revolution.
Some journalists dared and told him to go ahead and head a coup !!
Did Soliman launch a test balloon to see if the people will accept a coup d'état led by him !!?
Well according to what I see in Al Tahrir , the people will not refuse a coup d'état but they will refuse him.  
Meanwhile Abdullah Kamal of Rosa was not let to enter the building of Rosa Al Youssef by the workers and employees. Yesterday he removed the Mubarak huge carpet photo from the editing room and put a photo for the pioneer Rosa Al Youssef !!
Also the journalists of Al Ahram protested today demanding the editor of chief and CEO to resign.
Added to this the employees of ERTU began to have a movement against the minister of information.


  1. Abdallah Al Sennawy of the Arabi Nasseri newspaper, was the only editor in chief excluded from the meeting with Omar Suleiman because of his phone call on Al Jazeera where he declared that egypt will not tolerate another dictator to be, and criticized the wisdom council for starting negotiations with an illegitimate regime.

  2. It is beyond obvious that the Obama administration is playing a good cop, bad cop game against the people of Egypt. This is the same thing done in the USA by continuing the lies and activities of the Bush-Cheney crew, while manipulating the left with happy talk and half-baked attempts at change, hence deceptions.

    Good Cop, Bad Cop, Once Again

    Time to open more eyes...

  3. The Egyptian genie is out from the lamp and is impossible to put it back.

  4. Zeinobia, speaking of Rosa Al-Youssef, it is increasingly likely that Mohamed El Naschie's daily column "Egypt Tomorrow" in praise of Hosni Mubarak will never appear again. Sackcloth and ashes.

  5. Which part of the sentence 'have sex and travel' or f#@k off Mubarak and his daldool Soliman don't understand.


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