Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The photo of the Day : At last they met

Today was another a great day at Al Tahrir , a lot of photos of the days coming from the square and also from the Parliament as there are wonderful Egyptians having currently an open sit in now there till their demands are met.
Among all the photos I stopped at one or two to be accurate : When Khaled Said’s mom met Wael Ghonim , the admin of her son’s group !!

Mrs. Laila did not know that Ghonim was the true knight behind “We are Khaled Said” group just like us.
Yesterday Ghonim said that he would honored to be Khaled when Mona El-Shazly called him Khaled by mistake.
Wael Ghonim spoke today to millions of Egyptians in the square .
Khaled Said’s movement has contributed a lot to this revolution , you can consider Said as our official Mohamed Bou Azizi. Khaled Said was the Alexandrian who made the middle class go and protest his murder silently across the country for one hour standing at the corniche whether the Nile corniche and the sea coniche. History will record the role of Khaled Said movement and group in this revolution , history will record it.
Here is the word Wael Ghonim said today in video after the break :

Wael’s speech at Tahrir square
The blood of martyrs will not be wasted and Mubarak must leave , insh Allah he will leave.
Also here is Ghonim’s translated interview :


  1. Wonderful, wonderful blog post. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I hope you don't mind that I borrowed one of your pictures and put it on my blog (http://rubysworldviews.blogspot.com/2011/02/khaled-saids-mom.html)

    I give credit to you.

  2. Awesome...!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Freedom
    By Meriam Ben Hadj Tahar
    Fall on the ground, dirt on your face,
    Keep running, boy, keep running,
    Limbs are burning, it’s all part of the chase,
    Keep breathing, boy, keep breathing,
    Legs are screaming, scrapes on your skin,
    Keep going, boy, keep going,
    Can’t see the finish line but you’ve gotta win,
    Keep sprinting, boy, keep sprinting,
    Dirt in your toes, cuts on your feet,
    Keep racing, boy, keep racing,
    Fall down again, don’t you dare take defeat,
    Keep pushing, boy, keep pushing,
    Step after step, don’t play their game,
    Keep striving, boy, keep striving,
    Change of mindset, but you feel the same,
    Keep thinking, boy, keep thinking,
    Audience watching, some want you to fail,
    Keep winning, boy, keep winning,
    You’re cut and bruised but you prevail,
    Keep hoping, boy, keep hoping,
    Finish the race, you’re almost free,
    Keep dreaming, boy, keep dreaming,
    You’re not a slave, you’ve gotta flee,
    Keep chasing, boy, keep chasing,
    Limbs still burning, the fire’s alive,
    Keep burning, boy, keep burning,
    The fire’s spreading, make sure it survives,
    Keep living, boy, keep living,
    Contagious will, there’s more on your side,
    Keep flying, boy, keep flying,
    No one’s mocking can injure your pride,
    Keep fighting, boy, keep fighting,
    Fall on the ground, better get up fast,
    Keep climbing, boy, keep climbing,
    Those scars will not be your last,
    Keep running, boy, keep running,
    Fall down seven times, get up eight,
    Keep rising, boy, keep rising,
    Freedom was always part of your fate,
    Keep daring, boy, keep daring,
    Finish line’s past, race is won,
    Keep dreaming, boy, keep dreaming,
    But another race has just begun,
    Freedom has no finish line, boy, keep running

  4. Thank you so much for all your information.

  5. This was about the most moving interview I have ever seen. I will always remember it.

    Thank you,


  6. Please don't negotiate with anyone at the current regime, not even with Omer sulayman

  7. Dear Zeinobia,
    Wonderful and very brave what you are doing there in Egypt. My deep respect.
    I putted some attention to your blog.
    From a fan in Amsterdam.

    Floris Schreve

  8. Thank you for posting these videos. They were moving beyond words, even reading the English subtitles.

    I am an American and I denounce any support for the Mubarak regime from our government. We pray that the protesters have never-ending energy and by the grace of God they continue until the Egyptian dictator is thrown out and an Egyptian democracy that represents the best interests of the people is in charge.

    No to Mubarak, No to his henchman Suileman, No to anyone appointed by Mubarak.

  9. Thank you for posting it.

    Ana Maria Reyes

  10. I am proud for the first time that am arab just because you people in Egypt are arabs

  11. All arabic pepole must be praowd in youngest like Wael Ghonim

  12. ما وجدت كلمات تصف ما حصل للشباب في مصر اصدق من شعر نزار قباني
    هل تعرفونَ من أنا ؟!
    مُواطنٌ يسكُنُ في دولةِ (قـَمْعـِسْـتان(
    مُواطنٌ ...
    يَحْـلُمُ في يومٍ من الأيامِ أنْ يُصبِحَ في مرتبة الحيوان
    مُواطنٌ يخافُ أنْ يَجْلسَ في المقهى ..
    لكي لا تـَطلـَعُ الدولة من غياهبِ الفنجان
    مُواطنٌ أنا .. يَخافُ أنْ يقرَبَ زوجته
    قُبيلَ أن تُراقبَ المباحثُ المكان
    مٌواطنٌ أنا .. من شعبِ قـَمْعـِسْـتان
    أخافُ ان أدخلَ أيَّ مَسجـدٍ
    كي لا يُقـالَ أنّي رَجُـلٌ يُمارسُ الإيمان
    كي لا يقولَ المُخبرُ السِّرِيُّ :
    أنّي كنتُ أتْـلو سورةَ الرحمن
    اللهْ ... يا زمان ...

  13. Congratulation my Egyptian brothers.


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