Egyptian Chronicles: Strikes Wave Reaches to Suez canal

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strikes Wave Reaches to Suez canal

The strikes wave in Egypt has reached to Suez canal today , over 6000 service workers from the cities of Suez, Port Said and Ismailia began an open ended sit at the company HQ.

Now I want to clarify something , these are not the navigation guides , these are the service workers still if the strike reaches to the navigation guides than the Suez canal will be paralyzed technically.

Despite working in the most profitable company in Egypt the workers are suffering poor wages and extremely bad , I can’t imagine it , I can’t comprehend it.

By the way I read that today NPR correspondent was arrested for couple of hours in his way to Suez today before he was released.

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  1. A revolution's most effective tool is mass strikes by labor unions. If this takes place in Egypt, then consider it the end of this regime.

  2. Who owns the canal? Mubarak? The US? The world? Who? Close down that canal. It runs through Egypt and Egypt's citizens are saying their leader is illegitimate. Therefore, it is the people's canal. Shut it down and go swimming. Carry boards there, cusions, life vest, anything that will float. Walk from Cairo to Suez if you have to. MAKE the world hear you.


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