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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free our detainees

Yes Wael Ghonim was released but what about those hundreds in fact thousands who were detained since January 28,2011.
This is a small list made and updated frequently by the names of the missing protesters and activists.
Human rights activists and lawyers are working on lists across the country to present it to the prosecutor general , of course the human rights organizations were raided in the past weeks by security forces.
Here is a Facebook group dedicated to our detainees : Free Egypt’s detainees.
Now I want to share some info we knew about 36 years old Tarek Abdel Latif , who is missing since January 28,2011 after his participation in the anti-Mubarak protests. His family has contacted the media after failing to get any info about him , he can’t be found in hospitals nor morgues and the police denied detaining him which is untrue .
According to information we have got Tarek Abdel Latif is currently detained at state security HQ facing the same charges Wael Ghonim faced. This is a grave accusation , sad actually.
This is like the 1968 protests when thousands of Egyptians who has no political affiliation from any kind got arrested for protesting. 
I will trust Wael Ghonim when he says he felt and knew that the officers there also love Egypt but I wonder one thing , where are these officers when Egypt is being raped and stolen for 30 years !!?
These protesters did not steal trillions of dollars and escape abroad !!?
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  1. Nothing can stop you but the freedom of Egypt. ‏الحمد لله

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  3. good work Z and saw on twitter its your birthday today or this month, wish you Happy Birthday and may God bless you with happiness, good health and luck insyallah.

  4. Dear Zeinobia,

    Thank you very much for this post. That's what I meant in my previous post on Ghoneim's release. Al ham du li Allah he's got International connection and local supporters who have access to people in power, but what about the thousands or millions ( god only knows) of our people, they are been abducted, tortured and killed by the minute and by different bodies: police, state security, national security, military police, etc... Where is the International conscience in front of all this cruel state police we are experiencing even worse now than before????
    Happy Birthday and may Allah bless and all our young fighters.

  5. U r another aquarian. Aquarians are rebels are they not?

    Honey, it's raped not rapped. In English, the expression that is often used is "raped and pillaged". I think it is what you are trying to say.

    Many of these police officers were also raping and pillaging. I was in Cairo not long ago and saw with my own eyes a police officer helping himself to products off of a cart selling winter hats and other things. The owner started to yell at him but his partner told him to shut up. They let the officer keep the items. It seems the threat of possible fines or an arrest were imminent resulted in their allowing an officer to steal. Having said this, not all police are corrupt. However, again we have another expression in English, "Power corrupts". As people are promoted in their jobs and acquire more responsibility and hence power, they often feel that they are above the law. Above any responsibility or consequence for their actions.

    It is the nature of human beings. No matter how religious they are, how pious, how righteous they may be, temptation is never far.

  6. The popular uprising in Tunisia have given inspiration to millions of other Arabs in the region. This may be the beginning of a new era for them, the domino theory from the Vietnam war may be applicable here. Let's hope that other nations keep out of their business


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