Monday, February 28, 2011

Qaddafi believes in Occult !!

The videos of Qaddafi’s palace are viral more than his speeches and the Zenga Zenga song. There are nuclear bankers in his palace and underground hallways that do not remind only with Hollywood 1960s cheesy films but rather video games !!!
Forget about the bankers because they are nothing compared to the books that were found in the palace.

Forget about politics or poetry or literature , Qaddafi was found in reading books about occult ,sorcery , Kabbalah and Talmud !! Of course I think he is interested in reading in Talmud not like General Mohamed Naguib to understand the Jewish and the Zionist way of thinking or because his aunty is Jew as it is currently spread online but it has to do with the Kabbalah.
With bankers and books we find ourselves in front amazing classic type of dictators we only though that it existed only in fiction !!
There are lots of updates in Libya currently , Qaddafi is losing more and more cities. He is trying to win pathetically the media war but just like the land he is losing it. He spoke to the Serbian TV on the phone, yes Serbian TV. As usual he blamed foreigners and claimed that everything was fine in Tripoli !! It is very interesting considering the rumors that the mercenaries pilots Qaddafi uses in his raid against his own people are believed to be from Serbia and Ukraine.
Christiane Amanpour arrived to Tripoli yesterday and I think she will have an interview with Qaddafi or his son. I hope that it will be the last interview for Qaddafi and his son just like Mubarak.
Az Zawiyah has fallen in to the hands of the revolutionaries again today. Kufra and Ghadames have joined the revolution as well. There was alarming news that Qaddafi or rather one of his sons has deployed  troops with tanks heading to Misurata. There is an interim government currently being formed , the Libyans are aware of the challenge they have got.
I have not covered what is taking place in Libya lately because there is a lot of jazz of Egypt , annoying alarming jazz to be correct but it is never too late to cover what is happening next door.
Regarding the Egyptians , well nearly 90,000 Egyptians have returned so far to Egypt. In return many Egyptians especially from Al Tahrir square activists have crossed the borders are at Benghazi whether from doctors or activists like dear Tarek Shalaby who returned back from couple of hours ago.
There are thousands of Egyptians stuck in Tunisia , the Embassy should act more quickly to get them back thought. The Tunisians are very kind and the Egyptians were so happy to get there safely. Here is a video I think from Jerba showing Egyptians celebrating the fantastic reception they got in Tunisia chanting “Egypt &Tunisia are one hand” like “The people& the army are one hand” famous chant :)

They should sing it under the window of Seif Al Islam Qaddafi !!
We do not have yet a correct record for Egyptians who were killed in Libya because of Qaddafi's troops' attack. Those who returned back speak about horrors while the ministry of foreign affairs is denying this !! Of course I do not believe the ministry of foreign affairs.


  1. Very Nice Video Collection Ya Zozo. Funny, is it not? Gaddfi thought he was going to be "Brother Colonel" for ever, not just for life, but for ever... It looks like he didn't believe in death, LOL

  2. Now the hard part of writing several new constitutions for the people in that region. I wish you well.

  3. Egyptians are the best, without a doubt, in coming up with slogans that are funny and reflect their true feelings and demands.
    On January 17 and 18, 1977, Egyptians could have had the first successful people's revolution in the middle east before the Iranians. The reason for that uprising was the(huge)increase in the essential food prices. Their slogans during that Intifadah were made to rhyme. The funniest one, in my opinion, was the one about the price of meat. It said "Sayed bey, Sayed bey, 1 kilo of meat is for a gineih (1 Egyptian pound)" lol. Sayed Marei was the head of parliament at that time and his son was married to president Sadat's daughter. Another one was about president Sadat's fashionable suits "He wears the latest(moda)and 10 of us live in 1 ouda (room)". God bless Egypt and Egyptians.

  4. Your blog is very informative and insightful but your latent anti-Jewish (yes, it's not anti-Zionist) rhetoric is rather disappointing. Your standards are high but you somehow think that Qaddafi's possession of books on Kabbalah is a proof of his sympathies for Zionism? Oh please.

  5. We need desperatly MATLAS and BLANKETS for the people who left Libya in Zarzis.
    The Tunisian people here are doing a great job with helping and giving food and other things, but there are here sooooo many persons to help.
    And we want to help, but our hearts are crying when we don't have enough things to help everyone.

    Please HELP!!!

  6. I hope his fall is near.
    alot of contradicting news nowadays that makes one doubts in all what he hears.
    One thing is certain though, he and many others in the world does not deserve to lead their countries.
    A great point is that with Libya's revolution completed ,3 liberated countries with common borders will exist, hope this would boost cooperation and coordination between their ppl.

  7. Just one thought about Libya, I noticed that "lately" the Libyian Army or at least part of it has deffected and or refrained from using its forces against the people. I am certain that they have learnt a good lesson from the Tunisian and Egyptian armed forces. Firstly Tunisia because the Tunisian Army is a beneficiary of a modest US military aid package and is well aware that if the Army fires even one shot against the people then this aid will not be forthcoming so they immediately sided with the people. The lesson from the Egyptian side is that the Egyptian armed forces get a large military aid package from the US and it knows that it too, if it fired one shot against the people, then this package will also be revised. With Libya being oil rich the Libyain army clearly is looking at a future with better raprochement with th US and Europe at least on the Military cooperation side with the US which is not necessarily a bad thing as the Libyan armed forces are frankly at best is symbolic thanks to Gaddaffi and at worst totally outdated and useless. Expect therefore that much of the Libyian Armed forces particularly the Air force will not fire a shot anymore, and for those who dispute this on the basis that the Air force has already been used against the people, well expect that there will be allegations of foreign pilots and stories like that, but I am convinced the the Armed forces will be looking at the US just like Egypt and Tunisia. There might be an aircraft or two flying above but these probably will be part of Gaddafi's loyalist but I really doubt it. Future Libya will look at the US and Europe for economics and Military development just like Tunisia and Egypt.

  8. LOL I am Libyan and I am outraged at your suggestion that the Tunisiam adn Egyptian army protected THEIR OWN people to cozy up to the US, wonder what Tunisians and Egyptians would feel. The US and Europe had very close military and economic ties with Gaddafi and his sons since Bush, his murederous son Mutassim had a photo op with Clinton. The same Clinton who now waxes lyrical about Libyan revolutionaries now that there is no chance that their buddy Saif will stay in power. By the way the opposition has warned that they will turn their guns on any foreign military invasion, so stay out of Libya we want to build a free united country not another Iraq with a messed up constitution built on your divide and rule principle. The US offers of 'support' for the rebels and some of the Libyan politicians abroad scare me, they should be declared persona non-grata until things are sorted out.

  9. Of course they did, The egyptians gets 1.3 Billion a year, most of it goes to the armed forves, and the Tunisian Airforce for example was able to upgrade its ailing North American F-86 Sabre (dated back to the 50's) which were operational under president borguiba to the F5's which it could otherwise ill afford.Please do not be naive,and do not take this personally, both armed forces wish to remain on the buttered side of the US military and I dare say will increase their co-operation with the US.I do not mean to be rude to either the Egyptians or the Tunuisians but we must face the financial and political facts. In fact I will go further than that and would conclude that the Libyan air force right now or at least those who declared that they are on the protestor side surely will probably make a deal not to interfere in the forthcoming no fly zone precicely because they are looking for positive future co-operation with the US and Europe, I am almost certain of that. They will have the oil money to pay for some serious hardware they otherwise could not get under Gaddafi, just as Egypt did with the F16's, the tanks etc...

  10. Dear Zeinobia, can you maybe please help that a ferry who's going to Zarzis, is filled with blankets and matlas for the people who have to wait here untill they can go back to Egypt?
    It's really cold in the evening and night and there is not enough for all those people


  11. Brothers Egyptians, Tunisians,etc... Yeh, Yeh, Yeh, everybody is saying it, “the revolutions we are seeing are expressions made by the youth of today to claim freedom and democracy”. But there is more that has not yet been made clear. To start, the revolution has kicked off as a result of youth apprise that their fathers could not face up to through fear, so why now? I tell you why, today's Arab youth are educated, it is technologically and politically and economically well informed. It has looked at the past and the present and the future. In the past they have seen failure after failure as far back as you can see into history. At present they as Arabs are still and increasingly being looked at as failures, sub-humans, terrorists, Islamic extremists, underdeveloped, not capable of self -determination or change in fact all of those attributes which the modern Arab youth are not. You can see this stereotype everywhere in Europe, the US and generally the west. They are not welcome anywhere in Europe, around the world and in the US, anti -Arab, Anti Islamism is growing, In Denmark, Holland, Sweden and just about everywhere, the Arabs have been branded “a bad apple in history and the modern world”. Then, the Arab youth went sould searching only to find the same answer, they turn their at their leaders and see nothing but bad people reflecting on them. Casting their minds back, they look at the disastrous treatment of their fellow Arabs both at home and abroad who got arrested and tortured just because they dared ask for freedom at home. They got arrested abroad just because of being Arabs and the way they look “the middle eastern look”. Then they look at a bleak future of unemployment, political inequality, shame and poverty. The common denominator they found was a corrupt leadership just about everywhere in the Arab land whole stock and barrel including the useless Arab league. With the advent of the Internet they found themselves being isolated and treated as inferiors, because of the corruption of the Arab states making the leaders of those states fit the exact description of a “bad apple”. look at Ben Ali, Mubarrak and Gaddaffi is them who are backward, Terrorists, uneducated and sub-humans. That is partly my friends why the Arab youth have stood up, and said enough. That is why they want to break away from the past, from the stereotyping by kicking off a new generation of leadership and get rid of past failures, past leaders and past governments. Nothing less will do and the old generation and the military had better listen because they simply will not stop until full and complete democratic, political, economic and social reform is instituted everywhere in the Arab land,with equality in citizenship, gender and religious persuasion, Am I right?you tell me.

  12. News Update: Gadhafi will auction his designer wardrobe collection to raise funds for his war.

  13. 2/28/2011 09:53:00 PM

    You suffer from an accute case of White man's burden. The Tunisian and Egyptian militaries did not fire on protestors because they are corrupt but still proffessional militaries with a nationalist mandate. FULL STOP. How about you 'face the fact' that you were allies of Gaddafi? How do you square cooperation with Tunis and Egypt on torture and oppression with your theory?

    The West was in fact quiet during the worst of the killing in Libya and only startred talking when it was clear Gaddafi would lose. Libyans have repeatedly said they want no Western military interfereence, we don't want another Iraq and Libyans remember the US military bombing suburbs in Benghazi and Tripoli (murdering civilians for political gain is NOT terrorism). As Gaddafi said what he is doing is no different to what Israel did in Gaza and the US in Fallujah, so the West has no problem with the method just that he has not been savage enough to cow the Libyans yet so they are trying to get influence on the winning side by offering the revolutionaries 'support'. The overwhelming majority I have talked to inside Libya even in the most high risk areas can't think of a worse scenario that Western meddling, we all know the destructive effects would be so devastating we would be wishing for Gaddafi back.

  14. If you dont want another Iraq and assuming your Military is not corrupt and/or looking after number one, then your air force and armed forces should have come clean the first day and sided with the protestors. The Tunisians and the Egyptians are looking after number one, they are looking after their own institutions like in Pakistan, and neither the Egyptian government nor the Tunisian government botheconomically bankrupt can give them the toys they wantto enjoy like the F16's the Bradley tanks they have to co-operate with the west and be nice, like do them a few favours. The Libyan military have learnt that lesson over the past few weeks and they know exactly what they should do now. However the no fly zone is a disgrace, If the Libyan air force was honest, it should have instituted a no fly zone from day one and not wait for the west to do it for them. So in the final count, the Libyan air force is already doing the west a favour, that should tell you something.

  15. Actually the 1.3 billion mostly goes to equipping central security and state security+intel, the army's portion is less than 600 million. The army's yearly bill on arms is more than $15 billion(although the 'official' number is around 6 bil) so the 'USAID' for the military is hardly significant however, they do indeed need the US for training and other more secretive mutual operations which benefits both other words they need one another, Egyptian army obviously needs the US military more(has very little to do with money- ACPR- ACDA)

  16. @3/01/2011 06:06:00 PM

    I said the Tunisian and Egyptian militaries were nationalist instituions growing out of their role in the anti-colonial struggle with professional officers vs. American lackeys, UNLIKE the Libyan army which sometimes attacked its own civilians. Even in Libya though the regular army has mostly sided with the people, some of the soldiers/officers were executed and 8 even burned alive for refusing orders. Of course this too was done to curry favour with the West in hopes of buying AND/OR being gifted (you claim both in regard to Libya's army) lots of military toys. The main problem for Libyan revolutianaries is not the neglected army but the special security brigades led by Gaddafis sons with better arms and Western training including by SAS and close links to CIA (e.g Mutassim who met with Clinton to coordinate 'counter-terrorism', or Khamis who was in the US days before the planned revolt to consult with Obama admin. Endless quotes praising the Gaddafi clans' brutal securiy brigades and special police force by both Obama and Bush admin as well as by Euro officials are just a google search away. Lets not forget this started with Blair and Bush who like highwaymen accepted billions of our stolen money to spare Libya an invasion, and that neocon 'intellectuals' who are now advocating another invasion-for-democracy accepted millions (again of the Libyan peoples stolen money) to rehabilitate Gaddafi internationally and cater to his vanity. Oh and check out the links between Saif Gaddafi and zionists including the nutter Lieberman).

    Arab armies (as opposed to special security forces) have proved corrupt powerhungry and worse at defending territory than militias like Hizbullah, but also impossible to completely transform into regime enforcers e.g China. The problem with the Libyan army is that Gaddafi feared it and so basically broke it down after Libyan officers led several attempts to get rid of him in response to his atrocities against the Libyan people. Wikileaks revealed that even the Egyptian army led by Mubarak's buddy Tantawi annoyed the US because despite the billion dollar bribes (negligible in comparison to their funds by the way) it refused to change its mandate to enforcing internal security aka opressing own people vs training to head off external danger (yes that means the much more powerful israel whose MK's made regular threats to nuke Cairo or bomb the Aswan dam when their erstwhile Arab ally was not submissive enough).

    Mid-level officers in the Libyan Army have been the most vehement in their rejection of Western military interference, recent revolutioanries but gaddafi appointed generals are the ones who accepted a no fly zone and even then with Arab help prefered, then Euro, and US as last resort. Memories of US armies bombing civilians in Iraq and in Libya are not forgotten, and we know the cost of even a no fly zone never mind boots on the ground will be continued meddling. The US ambassador will try to act as King maker like in Lebanon, pushing their corrupt favourites to lead a Free Libya. It will be Tunisians and Egyptians counter-revolution only multiplied by 100.

    We'd get another Abbas, another Karzai or Iraqi governing council, leading to internal strife. That's not what my brothers friends or my cousin died for. Libyans have shown once again what a heavy price they are willing to pay for freedom, we will noot accept another subservient regime like the Senussis at the end of it.

  17. Please dear Zeinobia, make pressure at Egypt to evacuate the Egyptians here!!!!
    Write again about it, the journalist are following you aswell, please I ask you again, PLEASE help!!!

    See the video's at the internet how terrible it is at the border, how many people there are.
    Every day now 15.000 new people arriving, morst off them are Egyptian.

    Yes there comes here in Zarzis now finally ferry's and airplaines (but a lot off them are Tunisian airplanes!) but it's not enough!!!

  18. @3/01/2011 08:43:00 PM

    I would like to apologize to Tunisians and Egyptians in Libya for the heavy price they are paying for showing us a revolutionary example, I'm hearing of people arrested tortured and killed as well as the usual stealing of money and of course cameras and mobiles at Libyan border checkpoints. The Gaddafi media strategy is all about 'the Arabs plotting against us again' because according to him Libyans are not Arabs, just Africans :D Also the Gulf countries sending aid to Libya should also help Tunisia and Egypt deal with the crisis at their borders. Appeals to Qatar might help, they like media attention.

  19. @Libyan Girl, no need to apologise.. Tunisians and Egyptians in Libya are paying a heavy price for freedom in the region, both revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt can't flourish with Maddafi in power and playing in local politics that is also why the regime in Algiers must be toppled too

  20. When a revolution has no leadership, no strategy, no head quarters and all it has is the demand for freedom, then that revolution has no direction. Sooner or later demand for democracy becomes the "Mob rule" as the romans called it, which is what is taking place right now. No police, no law and order nothing to guide it, so inevitably there will be those who will take advantage, Gaddaffi is one of those. I am very pessimistic about all this.

  21. @3/02/2011 06:37:00 PM

    The Libyan revolutions has clear demands: a civil state with a constitution. The police are back on the streets helped by volunteer security guards and trafic police, there is more law and order in the freed cities than under gaddafi's chaotic anti-instituional regime.

    The official interim leadership is dominated by the Benghazi bar council and lead by the justice minister who tried to oppose gaddafi crimes within the system. It includes women ( and also includes representatives of all Libyan cities including those in the West whether freed like Misurata or still occupies like Tripoli.

    The actual revolutionaries, the young people who fought to free their cities, are now forming their own council which will coordinate with the interim government. They are ready to take their orders from the interim council on day to day running of the freed areas but they dissaprove of its political decisions and the fact that it contains too many gaddafi supporters who carried out crimes but recently changed their alleigance.

    The interim council's strategy is to wait for a no-fly zone and then march on Tripoli, the revolutionaries on the other hand have already smuggled arms and men through the desert to support cities in the West and they proved they can fight of Gaddafi's men and planes, whether in attack mode like in liberating the east or defending freed cities like Breiga in the East or Zawya and Misrata in the West.

  22. @3/02/2011 11:23:00 AM

    Your continuing revolutions forcing Shafik and Ghannouchi to resign is what makes me optimistic, with old regime men + regional despots + international powers conspiring against the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions it seemed impossible that real change would occur, but pessimists have been proved wrong again. I hope Libyans can similarly get rid of Gaddafi's men who recently joined the revolution, they are given too high a profile although that has its advantages in the short time.


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