Sunday, February 27, 2011

And this is just the start

Egyptian youth have changed the name of Mubarak metro station to the Martyrs of January 25th metro station themselves in Cairo.

This is what we should do , all these streets, hospitals, schools and stations named after Mubarak or his wife or their sons should be renamed after the martyrs of January 2011. Each governorate should name those buildings and streets after its martyrs on January 25 or even the real heroes of 1973 war.
Mubarak was like the Ramses II of his time when it comes to glorification and presidential cult !!


  1. I heard about this blog on twitter and wanted to tell you that I love it. I think you have a wonderful idea for changing all the names from Mubarak and family to those of real Egyptian heroes. If I recall correctly, it was the ancient Greeks who said that Egypt invented the phenomenon of using public spaces to teach history. They felt it was anti-democratic, and it probably was in their day (like what you said about Ramses II). But you and your co-revolutionaries understand that the work of democracy is done everywhere! Even in the names of streets and hospitals! Abrazos.

  2. The idea of no fly zone over Libya is a very risky idea. I have learnt through the decades not to trust any army, any air force, any politician, any leader, any police force and any elite ruling power or any extremist, religious, radical or of any political or religious denomination. My goal is freedom and democracy for all to be achieved by balanced dialogue and peacefully.. Libya has oil and the Libyan revolution lately has brought oil prices up. So when oil flow is disturbed things get a bit serious. The key to foreign involvement appear to be what some Libyans asked for, the reasoning here is that the west was asked to intervene, so don’t blame them. The Libyan air force was once confronted by the US navy aircrafts back in the 80’s and two Libyan fighters were shot down with no touble at all, since then Libya has been on the bad list of those unfriendly countries on which oil supply is vital. Now with the Libyan revolution in full swing, a good formula was found to move air US and EU superiority fighters nearer to Libya and control the Libyan airspace. The Libyan air force must have caught wind of the no fly zone early enough and wish not to find itself confronted by western air forces that is why a few base commanders came out clean stating that it will support the protestors which means that they are not going to take part in areal protection rather they will remain on base. Shame on them, at this moment in time, they themselves need to impose a no fly zone to protect the protestors not the west.


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