Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the angry protests Tsunami has reached to .. Oman !! "Video"

Yes, the angry protests demanding political and economic reforms have reached Oman specifically at Sohar City who can be the next Sidi Bou Zid in its own way.

Since yesterday there have been small protests that seemed to be cracked violently at Sohar City in Oman. The protesters at the former capital of Oman want very simple demands “actually are common through the Arab world”: Better democratic political life and better economic conditions.

According to news agencies, 2 civilians have been killed in the protests while according to tweeps on ground 3 have been killed and not less than 13 have been injured and transferred to the hospitals. The tear gas grenades were used and some are reporting that live ammunition was being used too !!
Here are videos I found
In this video from yesterday below you can see the youth while having their sit-in at Sohar square just like our Tahrir square.
It is not big as you can see yet, unfortunately, the security was brutal !! Killing three is not an insignificant thing.
Now, this video has been shot earlier today and it shows the tear gas grenades thrown at the protesters.
This video shows back smoke and traces of clashes at the Sohar square I think.

Officially the Sultan of Oman has ordered a ministerial reshuffle and a raise in student allowances.

We do not know if that it will make the protests stop or not but One thing Tunisia and Egypt plus Yemen and Libya have taught us: When there are martyrs the demands’ ceiling also gets higher and higher
Oman is the second GCC country to face protests from this kind following Bahrain.

Also, it is third country surrounding Saudi Arabia to have protests like that after Yemen and Bahrain.

I do not know much about the internal politics of Oman except that its sultan Qaboos has been in rule for so long time after overthrowing his own father. Politically he is just like any Arab ruler so you may know why the people are demanding political reforms.


  1. Some "expert" on Aljazeera said that Oman was very unlikey to have any unrest because the people are happy with the regime. LOL

  2. The protests in Oman can't be compared to what happened in Egypt, Tunis or Libya. Those were legitimate demands that were being demanded in a legitimate way. In Oman, the protesters stormed a police station, set cars on fire, attacked members of the Majlis Shura (which, by the way, is the same council they are trying to empower, just so we don't miss the irony of the situation) and vandalized public places, burning trees, etc.

    Furthermore, before there was even one sign of unrest, the government began introducing reforms, such as increasing minimum wages for the private sector. Had the protestors continued with a peaceful approach and not resorted to violence so immediately, maybe they would have been seen as more legitimate but I certainly don't believe so - I think they're just riding on the media wave that's been hitting the Arab world and they're going about it in just the worst way possible.

  3. Hi Zenobia, you must to see this:

  4. @anonymous2 and that justifies killing three of them?? obviously a Toyota Landcrusier is more valuable to you than human life...idiot

  5. I would like to see the overthrow of the Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian 'royals', they are so corrupt, they make Mubarak look like a small time thief.


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