Sunday, February 27, 2011

Egyptian X-File Reopened : Reda Halal

Reda Halal , an Egyptian journalist whose sudden disappearance has been a long time enigma in the Egyptian media.
I wrote about Reda Halal in 2009 when his brother MR. Osama Halal came to media and spoke about that anonymous prisons department officer and told him that his brother was still alive yet imprisoned at solitary confinement at the Borg Al Arab prison. I wondered why Halal disappeared originally from seven and half years then and I mentioned all the possible theories that were popular about his disappearance. Now after the revolution and the partial fall of the Mubarak’s regime we know that his disappearance has nothing to do with all theories.
Reda Halal
The disappearance of Reda Halal seems to be related to Gamal Mubarak after all. In a surprising move that I would not have imagined it in my wildest dream Al Ahram newspaper published in its “Shabab Al Tahrir” supplement a small yet very important report about Reda Halal yesterday. The report hints that Gamal Mubarak can be behind the disappearance of Halal and his illegal imprisonment.
According to the newspaper the deputy editor in chief of the popular newspaper seemed to be opposing to the succession project and he once mocked Gamal Mubarak at the newspaper’s desk saying “Who is that Gamal to rule us !!?”
Of course this is not enough reason for Gamal Mubarak to put him in jail but another unnamed journalist the newspaper described only as close to security apparatus said that Halal once told him that he owned the medical records of Gamal Mubarak. According to that unnamed journalist Reda Halal disappeared after two days from that conversation.
From time to time I read small hints that Gamal Mubarak unlike his brother suffered from some type of depression especially during his mother’s sickness.It is well known that Suzanne Mubarak is a cancer survivor and she was saved by him when he was found as match to her. Already I do not understand why they kept this as a secret.
Anyhow it seems Gamal Mubarak and his men who began to rise at this time very alarmed with what Halal claimed and thus they went to get rid of him. Of course some will say why Gamal and his men did not kill Reda Halal and get the file as easy as that and I will tell that we do not know how those sick men think !!
If anyone have any info about Gamal Mubarak’s health file or any info about his mental condition , please share it.
I truly apologize for what I assumed that he is involved in some espionage case, I have never thought that he would be disappeared and sent to jail to stay there for this time because of Gamal Mubarak.
MR.Osama Halal accused Hosni Mubarak and Habib Al Adly of imprisoning his brother all that years on air on On TV’s Menshat , he also revealed that he got new info that his brother is believed to be currently at Tora farm prison.
This is the first Egyptian X-file to be reopened so fast after the fall of Hosni and Gamal Mubarak , hopefully it will be closed by the return of Halal alive from prison and suing all those have been responsible for his jail all those years including Gamal Mubarak himself.


  1. Zeinobia did u notice this

    "يفتح شباب التحرير ملف الغائبين والمختفين قسريا‏,‏ وهو ملف نثق أنه متخم بأهوال رهيبة ارتكبها النظام السابق في حق الوطن والمواطنين‏.‏"

    Reda is not the end and Al-Ahram is going to open more files from the huge X-Folder of bizarre disappearances.

    I think some HR organizations should pay more attention to these reports and start to work on these cases

  2. Zeinobia,

    Can you please also research the murder of General Mohamed Imam اللواء محمد أمام and his son that occured in the 1980s. There are now news surfacing that the new interior minister Mahmoud Wagdy is their murderer based on orders from Susan Mubarak.

  3. Gimmy used to be a heroin addict.. probably what was revealed by medical records & of utmost importance to quash such info if passing on of Presidential powers is to occur...

  4. I heard the entire mubarak family, mom, pop, 2 sons have had cancer. They can only reproduce via test tube i.e. invitro fertilization.

  5. Brothers Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyians know, for years the Arabs have been associated with the willingness to apply executions or the death penalty on leaders and other criminals, who are convicted, like Saddam and soon Gaddaffi. It would be so good if this was revoked and for instance if Gaddaffi goes into tribunal (manned by elected and trusted Arab judges) assuming he does no die like a martyre as he said he would, that he is put in gail with forced hard labour for the rest of his life for the world to see that after all, the Arabs not only can they be democratic but also have compassion towards each other no matter what the crime is, however for people like Gaddaffi and Saddam, forced hard labour for life is the best answer so that they can live with the crimes they committed until they pass away to face their maker.

  6. the file has things about depression but thats not the problem, the problem is it also shows the treatments gamal got for his STDs, namely gonorrhoea

    i heard this from employes of alahram


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